Remembering Arthur Jeddere Fisher

A VSCC lynchpin 

The VSCC has sustained a grievous loss in the death of Arthur Jeddere-Fisher, who had such a prominent part in the club’s activities over so many years, from competing in his E-type 30/98 Vauxhall to his role as a considerate official forming, with me, the Light Car and Edwardian section.

As a barrister, Arthur rose to an important position in Fiji and, returning here, became Prosecuting Counsel in smuggling and VAT cases. Competent in many sports, in our world we remember his racing ERA R11B in partnership with the late Peter Hull. I could tell many endearing memories of this typically VSCC character. As when he had to ask a judge if he could appear without wig and gown, these having been lost from the back seat of his 2-litre Lagonda when taking a humpback bridge. Or how, when on a winter night he had left one of his children in this open car, well wrapped up and used to going on trials, a busy-body woman had protested and a policeman had entered the bar of ‘The Phoenix’ at Hartley Wintney to ask who owned the car. “I do,” said Arthur,  “and if it goes to court I should defend as in that case of the stage-coach and kid on the top, or perhaps in that later case of a girl on a cold day left out in a dog-cart,” quoting dates. The copper withdrew, leaving Arthur to the glass of beer he was holding.

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