Major Halford's unique Special

Many special racing cars were built especially for competition at Brooklands. One outstanding example of these was the Halford Special (left), which made its debut in 1926 and won on its first appearance at the Track with a fastest lap of 104.63mph in the 90mph Short Handicap. The car was built to the order of Major Frank Halford, based on the chassis of a side-valve Aston Martin but powered by a 1½-litre six-cylinder twin overhead-camshaft engine of his own design.

In his next race, the Long handicap, it was re-handicapped and lapped at 107.34mph, obtaining a third place. Then in the 100mph Long it came second, with a reduced average speed of 104.91mph. In its next race it achieved a win with a fastest lap of 109.94mph but this was not matched in the next race with a fastest lap of 109.70mph.

In 1927 the car was entered for three races, to be driven by George Eyston, but with no success.