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DOUG NYE has been extra busy recently, setting up the sensational Silver Arrows demo-race for Goodwood Revival, filming for a possible TV history of motor racing, and preparing a huge Lotus collection for sale at the Festival of Speed. That meant a trip to Holland, where he managed his first visit to Zandvoort since 1966. In his words, “Coo!” Same applies to one trip from Farnham to Goodwood: Doug drove the Jack Sears Willment Cobra, pursuing Paul Vestey’s 250GT0. Secretly, he’d rather work in a call centre…

GUY ALLEN, who painted our groundbreaking cover this month, is planning a Dutch trip, too. He illustrates posters for the Concours at Paleis Het Loo, so he’ll soon be heading south, though not in the Honda S800 coupe he hasn’t been restoring for some years.

Despite 20-plus years on the spots car trail, GARY WATKINS reckons he has rarely been so excited by a new season. Not only has the world championship been reborn, but as he explains this month a new era of hightechnology has dawned. Personally, he doesn’t like venturing too far north when he goes racing himself. Set-up changes on his VW Golf are limited to juggling tyre pressures…

With a secret history of half a dozen Alfa Romeos in his past, and despite struggling with Bill Boddy’s six-carburettor Alfa Six during the 1980s, GORDON CRUICKSHANK’S soft spot for Italian curves made him a sucker for the pretty Dino 2065P story. Theoretically, it could be road-registered and probably wouldn’t get much worse fuel consumption than GC racks up driving into Chelsea every day.