Matters of Moment: The greatest race in F1 history?

Nigel Mansell leads in the 1986 Australian Grand Prix

Mansell leads rival Prost in Adelaide, but it would be the McLaren man who took the title in ’86

May 13 is the 70th anniversary of the first Formula 1 World Championship race – held at Silverstone – and, 1018 grands prix later, Motor Sport will mark the occasion by naming F1’s greatest race.

Our initial list, compiled during pre- lockdown after-work refreshments, totalled over 100 races. We reduced that to 30 over the subsequent days with only a few major disagreements. Further progress proved impossible, so we threw the question out to readers and fans via social media.

As we went to press those 30, which include perennial favourites such as the Mansell/Piquet/Prost title showdown at Adelaide in 1986, are in the process of being whittled down to just five.

By the time you read this that shortlist of five will have been drawn up, and we are encouraging you to visit our website and cast your vote now.

Voting is currently open on the Motor Sport website to decide which race should be named as the greatest so far. Remember: if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain if the wrong race wins…

Click here to have your say about the shortlist.

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