Ian Callum to make racing sims into works of art


Is Ian Callum’s design for a new racing simulator modern art?

He may be best known for leading the design of performance cars such as the Aston Martin DB7, DB9,Vantage, Jaguar F-type and even the Nissan R390, but Ian Callum will now turn his hand towards creating ‘the world’s most beautiful racing simulator’. The British designer has joined forces with Prodrive to help style a new range of home racing simulators, which aim to transform the usual bulky offerings into pieces of contemporary art.

The idea was that of Prodrive head David Richards, who said: “Most racing simulators on the market today are very functional but not particularly attractive. What I wanted was something that was more like a piece of modern art; something you would be proud to display in your home, like a grand piano or sculpture.”

Callum has already begun work on the design, but has so far only showcased a futuristic fighter-jet canopy-esque silhouette. What we know so far is that it’ll be made from a mixture of carbon composites and natural materials and house the latest sim-racing technology. It’s due for sale in the summer, and it’ll also likely be rather expensive…