Ferrari's Hypercar team goes green with sustainable kit

Ferrari caps and jackets will be made from recycled materials

Ferrari Hypercars together on track

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Whatever happens to Ferrari at Le Mans, no one will be able to accuse it of lacking bottle: the team has announced a tie-up with a British company that provides team kit and merchandise made from recycled plastics and other sustainable materials.

It is hoped the deal will move the debate around sustainability in motor sport away from just fuel. The company behind the initiative, 8six400, already worked with the Jota LMP2 team, plus Andretti Autosport and Lewis Hamilton’s X44 in the Extreme E series. Under the deal with Ferrari virtually all team kit and fan merchandise will be sustainable with caps made from ocean plastic and jackets made from recycled oyster shell.

Two. Ferrari Caps

Team kit as well as fan caps will be fully recycled

“Sustainability in team kit and merchandise in motor sport has been overlooked,” says company founder Peter Hall. “One cap is equal to eight recycled plastic bottles so 100,000 caps means 13 tons of waste removed from the sea. With the vast amounts of team kit and merchandise made you can start to see how the motor racing world could have a huge positive impact.”