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Telephone; Regent 1937.

• I Gerrard 3436.

Telegrams Agreynol, Piccy, London.

Rates (prepaid) i /per line (minimum 3 lines).

CLOSING DATE first post on the 23rd of the month, for publication on the 1st of the following month. NEW CARS FOR SALE LAGONDA

j *GONDA, Huskinson & Pane, Ltd. Grosvenor -“I 6016.

QPECIAL I,agonda. Agents for West End. Trial 0.–g runs at any time. Deferred Terms and your Present car taken in part exchange.—Huskinson &. Pane, Ltd., 11, Curzon St., W.I.


M.G.—Huskinson & Pane, Ltd. Grosvenor 301 6 .

AUTHORISED M.G. AGENTS. Trial runs arranged at any time. Earliest delivery of all models, including New Mark II. 6-cylinder.-11. & S., Ltd. USED SPORTS CARS ALFA ROMEO A I,PA ROMEO 15-60 h.p. 14-litre Short Chassis

(delivered November, 1927), fitted with exceptionally smart 4-seater very low sports body, in magnificent condition, new tyres, any trial ; £325.— Jack Villiers and Co., 44, Osnaburgh Street, N.W.1 (opposite Great Portland St. Station). ‘Phones : Museum 8620-1 and 6595.

1575 h.p. Sportsman’s Alfa Romeo /–/ Saloon, new and unregistered chassis; Price /650 ; complete car, £750.—S. T. Tea, 141, Xew Bond St., Mayfair 4376. USED SPORTS CARS (continued) ALFA ROMEO

ALPA-ROMEO, 1928 nodel, special chassis, very fast, fitted Weymann streamlined coupe, painted green and cream, new tyres, taxed year, one owner, good condition, most attractive proposition at £275. L. Ileadlam, Stuktsby, Whitby.

1 Q0 22-90 h.p. Sports Alfa Romeo 4-seater ; V”” 99 guineas.—A. Rix, 153, Ruston Rd., N.W.1. (between Ruston and St. Pancras Stations). Museum 5739.

Super Sports Amilezer 2-seater, in excellent order throughout, red; £165.–A. Rix, 153, Ruston Rd., N.W.I . (between Ruston and St. Pancras Stations). Museum5739. AMILCAR 1929 ALVIS

SPECIALLY Selected Alvis Super Sports 12-50 h.p. 2-seater, 85 m.p.h., mileage only 5,000, 1928-29 licence paid, Alvin guarantee transferable, wire wheels, dipping reflectors. Triplex, silent wiper, special exhaust, one ownership, special colour £5 extra, maintained entirely by works, only occasionally, used, one car in a thousand, showroom condition, unscratched ; £295, cost £565; terms, exchange, written guarantee; also other Alvises.— Taylor, 278, Wheeler St., Birmingham.


If so, let MOTOR SPORE sell it for you at the Small Rate of 1./per line (min. 3 lines).


(-3 exceedingly smart fabric body with pneumatic upholstery to match, equipment includes hood and rigid side screens, rear windscreen, builtin suitcase locker with recess for hood when folded, two spare wheels, and semi-cycle type front wings, whole car is practically as new and (-bagels has passed Bentleys for guarantee, new tyres recently fitted, one .of the smartest Bentleys on the road today, and represents remarkable value at £850; distance no object. 3-13; Porchester Square Mews, W.2. Park 9300. DELAGE

£60—Genuine grand sports 6-cyl. Delage, 2 spare wheels, 4-seater boat shaped body, with new hood and side curtains, a real fast car.— 237, Brixton Hill, S.W.2. ‘Phone : Streatham 4666. 1925 Series 14-40 DELAGF, International

sports 4-seater, repainted blue and red, f.w.b. good tyres, a perfect chassis, very fast, £73. Exchanges, deferred. Clapham Automobiles, Ltd., 72, Park Hill, Clapham, S.W.4. Brixton 5511.


MONZA Hispano-Suiza, fitted with special 4seater sports, built entirely regardless of cost, rear half deck windscreen, Triplex glass all round, new tyres, recently overhauled at a cost of £200, special pistons, genuine speed 95 miles per hour; price 650 guineas; part exchanges, deferred terms from £10 per month.–Modern Cars, Ltd., 196-8, Great Portland St., W.1. -Museum 2947-8.


9 20 Invieta Short Chassis Special, very coma fortable, open 4-seater sports, reeellulosed, new hood, elaborately equipped, fastest Invicta in existence, perfect throughout; 4725.— Huskinson and Pane, Ltd., 11, Curzon St., W.I. Grosvenor 3016. LEA-FRANCIS

WONDERFUL Bargain.—February, 1929, LeaFrancis Hyper sports supercharged 4-door fabric saloon, 2 spare wheels, colour light blue; this car cost over £600, and was only in use for 8 months; sacrifice, £300.—London Lagonda Service Depot, 195, Hammersmith Rd., W.G.

,2( LEA-FRANCIS T.T. supercharged 2if seater, specially prepared for Ulster race but not raced owing to illness; delivered June, 1929; 2,000 miles; £375. Beasley’s, 374, Ruston Rd.

Museum 7600.


m.o. mti)GET, 1929. Red. First licensed August, 1929. Used one mouth last year. Fully licensed till end of 1930. Specially tuned engine. 45 m.p.h. in second. £145. Box P.15.

193n M.G. Midget Sportsman’s Cou ; £235.— -/ Whitticks Automobiles. 64,High Street, Wimbledon. S.W.19. Tel.: Wimbledon, 1537. USED SPORTS CARS (continued) RILEY

A. RIX FOR RILEY’S. 1929 Mark IV. Riley Monaco saloon. Brown with cream wheels and wings. As new. 4,000 miles. £215. (Below.) 1920 Mark IV. Biarritz Riley saloon. Black and red. Taxed 7,000 miles. As new. 225 guineas. (Below.)

1929 Mark III. Blue. Double carburettor. Sports Monaco Saloon as new, taxed. £195.

A Rix, 153, Euston Road, N.W. Between Euston and St.Pancras Stations. Museum 5739. VAUXHALL

MR. LAWRENCE MEESON’S 30-98 Vauxhall sports coup,’!, fitted special camshaft, pistons, valves. Two triple diffuser Zeniths. Speed 85 m.p.h. on third, over 100 m.p.h. on top. Lighting, starter, ‘ E.W.B. 295 guineas. Modern Cars Ltd., 196-198) Gt. Portland .Street, W.I. Museum 2947-8. ? •? ? •?


-NIATIONAL Flying Service* Ltd. ‘Phone Gerrard -LI 9316. Quick deliveries. New or second-hand machines. Ins_ 28 feet span single-seater biplane, fitted with 45 h.p. six-cylinder Anzani engine. Rafwire bracing and complete less air-speed and revolution indicators. Price £45. Also 25-gallon petrol tank five-foot propeller with hub (clockwise rotation and suitable for 30-40 h.p. engine) and sundry forkedends, turnbuckles, aero bolts and nuts. All can be seen near London. Box No.


NATIONAL Flying Services Ltd. ‘Phone Gerrard -LI 9316. join N.F.S. I,earn to fly. Fly when you wish.


NATIONAL Flying Services Ltd. ‘Phone Gerrard -LI 9316. Go by N.F.S., Is. a mile ; Is. 6d. two passengers.



C. 0. A. Guaranteed Repair Service ; perfect workmanship, lowest cost, completion to time.

C.O.A. Quotations Submitted for, every form of engine and chassis repair and adjustment (large or small), coachpainting, electro-plating, etc.; Standard charges for decarbonising, valve grinding and brake re-lining, etc. ; cars reconditioned equal to new with 6 months’ guarantee, replated and repainted.

(1.0.A. Engineering Representative will call to inspect and estimate by appointment (London Radius).

CAR OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, Ltd., 91-95, Manor Street, King’s Road, Chelsea, S.W. Flaxman 3829.

QCORED CYLINDERS. Scores in cylinder k-) bores can be filled in by Barimar Metallurgical (Patented) Process, to fit existing pistons and returned in two days under money-back guarantee, at low cost.-BARTMAR, Ltd. (Scientific Welding Engineers), 14-18, Lamb’s Conduit Street, London„ W.C.1. Branches in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Glasgow. AATE hot up all cars, Austin 7’s a speciality. Boyd VT Carpenter & Co., Ltd., 47, West End Lane NAV. Maidavale 4977, BUSINESS OFFER-

Unusually Interesting Appointment. Leading Automobile Distributors established in West End over 20 years offer appointment, possibly with Directorship, to young gentleman, who must be exceptional driver and willing to undertake Tourist Trophy Racing and Competition work in England and abroad. Successful applicant would be requited to invest R10,000, which would be fully secured by the Assets

of the Company o Agents.

Write Box L80, c 4) Motor Sport, 34, Duke Street, St. James, &W.1. REPAIRS & TUNING (continued) rft STAR WELDING CO., LTD., 38a, Peter

borough Rd., London, S.W .6. ‘Phone, Putney 3046 and 5792. Specialists in welding and cylinder grinding, cylinders, aluminium crankcases, gearboxes welded and machined and guaranteed on “no cure no pay ” basis, valve seatings welded and recut and scored cylinders filled by special process ; chassis straightened and repaired ; distance no object ; keenest prices and prompt delivery ; cylinders rebored and oversize pistons fitted complete, any make or site; price list sent on application. NEW MOTOR CARAVANS and TRAILERS RAVEN Caravans.-Lightuss. Cheapness. Comfort. Value for Money. Made in all Sizes. -1110 AVEN Trailers -Standard models, from 8ft

1.1 2-berth, at £70; to 13ft., 3-room, at £175.

’11AVEll Outboard Boat Trailers, luggage trailers, office trailers, horse box trailers.

“Pp AVEN CARAVANS, 2, Ravenscourt Sq., Gold-IV hawk Rd., Hammersmith. Riverside 0353. SECOND-HAND MOTOR CARAVANS and TRAILERS RAVUN” Caravans.-A number of second-hand 1929 models for sale at attractive prices. AVEN CARAVANS, 2, Ravenscourt Sq., Gold

IA hawk Rd., Hammersmith, Riverside 0353.



No Connection with any other Firm. LEWIS’S.-The Old Firm of Flying-Racing and ’04 Motor Clothing Fame, 19 and 27, Carburton Street, London, W.I. We wish our Thousands of Customers to know we have no connection with any other Finn. Flying Helmets, best Quality, Fur trimmed, 14s. 6d., 12s. 6d.; All Leather Lined Chamois, (Os. 6d., 12s. 6d. • Flat Type Phones, 5s. ; Metallic Tubing and Rubber Connection, 2s. ;

Piece and Adapter combined, 3s. 3d. ; White Flying Suits, 25s. ad.; Ditto, with Lightning Fasteners, 35s.; White Combination Suits, 14s. 6d.; White Flying Helmet, 6s. 6d. ; Featherweight type Goggles, fitted genuine Triplex Lenses, slightly tinted, new W.D., 7s. ; Ditto, fitted genuine clear Triplex Lenses, Ils. Aviation Mask Goggles, fitted genuine Tinted Triplex Lenses, 14s. 6d. ; Ditto, fitted Tinted Triplex, 12s. 6d.; Meyrowitz Luxor Goggles, fitted Triplex unsplinterable lenses, 40s; R.A.F. Scarf, 5s. 6d.; Pilot’s Gauntlets, 12s. 6d. per pair; Suede Golf jacket, best quality, ideal for flying, 50s. ; Silk Under Gloves, 2s. 9d. per pair, 2 pairs 5s. We are contractors to Foreign and Colonial Governments. S. Lewis’s, 19 and 27, Carburton Street, London, W.I.

NolConnection with any other Firm.