closely upon Campbell’s feat at Daytona and the success of British cars in the Monte Carlo

Rally, Messrs. E. A. D. Eldridge, G. E. T. Eyston and P. Brewster have added another feather to the cap of the British motor trade by putting up a remarkable show at Montlhery recently. Taking turns at the wheel, these three drivers attempted to set up a record for three days’ continuous running on a 10 h.p. Singer saloon. The weather conditions, however, were against them,

for they encountered hurricanes, rain, snow and ice.

Nevertheless, they obtained world’s records in Class F, covering 4,000 kilometres at 55.8 m.p.h. and averaging a speed of 55.92 m.p.h. for 48 hours’ continuum running. Cabling their progress, Mr. Eyston outlined the difficulties he and his fellow drivers were experiencing. The gales were so strong that the car was several times nearly blown off the track, whilst

many of the hurricane lamps used to illuminate the concrete oval at night were blown to pieces. The cold was intense, and to make matters worse the track became ice-bound.

” Never experienced such arduous conditions. Heavy snow storm, but car running splendidly,” ran one of Mr. Eyston’s cables. Eventually the weather became so bad that it was necessary to give up the three-day attempt, although only four more hours’ driving were required.