Those Push Bike Rear Lights.



Those Push Bike Rear Lights.

Your correspondent “Searchlight,” of Birmingham, has acted

for the public’s good by urging that cyclists should be compelled to carry rear lamps.

When he says, however, that cyclists are ” lax” about their reflectors he is under-estimating the case. I took a census of cyclists I passed the other day, and I found that about 25 per cent. of them were not carrying reflectors at all ! The police do not seem to trouble much about them, the reason, perhaps, being that without headlights the absence of a reflector cannot be detected. Cyclists would not be able to evade the law in the same way if they were compelled to carry lamps. I am surprised that the otherwise excellent Road Traffic

Act has overlooked this point ; but it is. never too late to mend.

Worcs. V. Spence.

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