A Sports Coupe Magna



A Sports Cot Re Magna)


A’VERY smart and attractive sportsman’s coupe is now being produced by Abbey Coachworks, Ltd., mounted on the M.G. ” Magna ” chassis.

It is a two-door four-light fourseater, and apart from its general lines, it is extremely striking in being very low built, its total height being no more than 4ft. 6 inches. In spite of this, comfort in the way of headroom has not been sacrificed, and every means has been employed to avoid cramping of the occupants. For example, armrests are fitted to recesses in the doors, which give a considerable increase in elbowroom. As can be seen in the accompany

ing photograpn, the windscreen has a pronounced rake ; it is fitted with twin wipers and is hinged at the top, so that it may be opened to any degree. Thc spare wheel is carried at the rear, secured on a bracket by a neat lock ring. A special 8-gallon fuel tank is also fitted at the rear, and this has an extra large filler cap. The tank is so made as to blend well with the general dries of the back of the car.

Both externally and internally, the finish is of a high order ; in the case of the latter, real hide is used for the upholstery, with pneumatic cushions, and a walnut facia board. The equipment includes interior

light, silk rear blind, roof ventilator, pockets in doors and special bonnet. The price is 2345. The address of Abbey Coachworks, Ltd., is Minerva Road, Chase Estate, North Acton, London, N.W. 10.