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RELIABILrrY trials are more popular than ever now-a-days, and no fewer than 100 car competitors turned out for the Colmore Trial organised by the Sutton Coldfield and North Birmingham A.C. on Saturday, Februuryl8th. Weather conditions did not look at all

Following an early climb up Blockley Hill, Khieton was reached, but was found to be in good condition. Most people got up quite easily, but as our picture shows, M. E. King had difficulty with his ancient 30/98 Vauxhall. The first set-back to many competitors came with the stop and restart on Bushcombe. Some cars were painfully slow in getting away, in spite of the encouragement given by the concentrated expression on their drivers’ faces. Others, having got on the move and passed more or less slowly through the timed section, had the misfortune to peter out higher up the hill. Fastest time was shared by two of the very promising Singer Nine Sports Models (a road test of which appears in this article),

promising as the first car was sent away from the Red Lion Hotel, Stratford-onAvon, and indeed as the afternoon wore on several snow showers fell, without, however, seriously inconveniencing competitors. The first obstacle was the driving test, nine miles from the start, in which drivers had to cover a certain distance, including a corner and two stops between lines, in the minimum time. Here A. B. Langley gave a hint of his coming success by making the best performance with his J.2 M.G. Midget of 17 4/5 secs., J. A. M. Patrick (Patrick Wolseley Hornet) and J. Kemp (M.G. Midget) were 1/5th second slower.

driven by F. S. Barnes and C. F. Ranger, two J.2 M.G. Midgets, in the hands of .A. R. Taylor and J. R. Temple, and an M.G. Magna driven by C. E. C. Martin. Mill Lane caused a good many failures, although not as many as one would have expected. Stanway, likewise, was fairly

easy, but Miss T. Clarke (B.$.A. 4-wheeler) stopped with wheelspin, and J. F. Kemp (M.G. Midget) also came to a standstill. Atherstone stop-and-restart was even more difficult than Bushcombe, and here again M.G. and Singer shared the honour

of fastest time, A. W. Smith (M.G. Midget) and H. M. Avery (Singer) recording 4 1/5 seconds.

The last test, Atherstone, had to be carried out in the dark, and only three miles away was the finish, where an additional check in the way of an examination of lighting equipment caused eleven competitors to lose valuable marks.

The Colmore Trophy for the best car performance was won by A. B. Langley, driving one of the popular J.2 M.G. Midgets, several other models of this car also giving a good account of themselves throughout the trial. The Bernard Morris Cup for the best car (apart from the Colmore Cup winner) over 1,100 c.c., went to E. Ainsworth’s Avon Standard, while the Rhode Cup, for the best 1,100 c.c. car went to A. H. Langley’s Singer. 17 teams were entered for the two team prizes, the Club award going to the excellent Singer Nine sports models driven by F. S. Barnes, A. Langley and R. Baker, and the Committee prize being won by the Midland M.G. Car Club, represented by A. B. Langley, J. A. Bastock, and F. S. P. O’Hagan.

The organisation throughout was impeccable, and the ” Sunbac ” Club are to be congratulated on a very well-run trial.


Colmore Trophy for the best performance.—A. B. Langley (847 M.G.).

Bernard Morris Cup, best over 1,100 c.c.—E. Ainsworth (2,553 Stsind‘ird Avon).

Rhode Cup, best under 1,100 c.c.—A. H. Langley (972 Singer).

Club Team Prize.—Midland M.G. Car Club (A. R. Langley, J. A. Basta& and F. S. P. O’Hagan).

Committee Team Prize.—Singer team (P. S. Barnes, A. Langley and R. Baker).

First-class Awards.—A. W. Smith (847 M.G.), T. L. Langford (1,271 Patrick Woiseley), H. M. Avery (972 Singer), F. S. Barnes (972 Singer), W. W. Whitnall (847 Morris), H. P. Prestwich ( 1,250 M.G.) , R. J. Richardson (747 Austin), R . Baker (972 Singer), R. S. Longford (1,496 Frazer Nash), H. R. Attwood (847 M.G.), F. S. P. O’Hagan (1,250 M.G.), G. B. Rea (847 M.G.), 14. Robson (1,250 M.G.), C. ‘W. Hough (972 Singer). R. C. Player (1,087 Riley), T. W. Dargue (1,089 Riley), H. C. Hunter (1,087 on

Riley), R. M. Mere (1,271 M.G.), R. Douglas-Osborne (847 M.G.), K. D. Evans (847 M.G.), C. R. Ranger (972 Singer), A. Squillario (847 Morris), Miss M. H. Lund (847 M.G.), I. S. Macdonald (1,087 Riley), W. Writer (972 Singer), A. R. Taylor (847 M.G.), A. C. Hess (847 M.G.), J. R. Temple (847 M.G.), A. P. McGowran (747 Austin), A. Powys Lybbe (1,465 Alvis).

Second-class Awards.—J. Priestley (1,287 Standard), A. E. Kirby (1,087 Riley), H. K. Crawford (1,271 Wolseley), J. A. Bastock (847 M.G.), C. J. Fryer (847 M.G.), C. F. Brocklebank (1,271 M.G.), J. H. Simpson (1,250 M.G.), J. E. de Blaquiere (747 Austin), G. B. Goodman (4,234 Vauxhall), M. A. Macdermid (847 M.G.), W. E. C. Wathinson (1,250 M.G.), Mrs. C. G. Scudaunore (972 Singer), W. J. B. Richardson (972 Singer), G. G. Bradley (1,271 M.G.), J. A. M. Patrick (1,271 Patrick Wolseley), A. E. Cleghorn (1,250 M.G.), W. Brandish (1,089 Riley), 5.8. Bass (2,148 Alvis), if. J. Mauzoni (1,087 Salmson) , F. Sforza (1,271 M.G.), H. Hillcoat (3,622 Ford), F. B. Robinson (1,496 Erazer-Nash), J. S. Harrison

M.G .), N. A. Prince (747 Austin), C. E. C. Martin J. G. Orford (747 Austin), J. W. Bishop (847 M.G ).

Third-class Awards.—L. C. Knight (1,271 M.G.), R. Nimmo (1,496 Frazer-Nash), P. Lees (1,496 K. Hutchinson (2,880 Ford), J. S. (972 Singer), A. Negal (1,988 Morris), II. C. (933 Ford), G. Wood (1,250 51.0.), Mrs. Vaughan (1,347 Standard), J. F. Kemp (847 E. It. Oliver (1,368 Clyno) ,Miss C. Labouchere 1,271 Wolseley), V/. H. Ogilvie (1,271 Wolseley).