frazer nash



FACTS! Competing for the first time in the Monte Carlo Rally a non

supercharged Frazer Nash put up the BEST ALL ROUND PERFORMANCE of all light cars starting from John o’ Groats.

The Frazer Nash also had the finest acceleration of any nonsupercharged light car.

In the Mont des Mules hillclimb the Frazer Nash put up the fastest time of the day for a non-supercharged car, all classes from 750 c.c. to 8s,000 c.c. creating a new record for its class.

Finally, the gear ratios of the Frazer Nash were 3.8 to ji, 4.8 to 1, 6.2 to r, and io to 1— ” reliability ” gears for years of hard service.

The model demonstrated in the Rally was a perfectly standard car, and not specially prepared. FRAZER NASH CARS Falcon Works, London Road,

Isleworth. Hounslow 3171-3172.