club news, March 1934





THE Affiliation Cups Trial of the G.W.M.C. was held on 28th January and attracted 33 entries, of which 10 entered for Class ” A ” (motor cycles) and the remainder for Class ” B ” (cars).

The first competitor was started from “The Duke of York,” Great West Road, Brentford, promptly at 10.30, a.m., and the others followed at intervals of one minute.

Thirteen competitors made their first failure at the Ford section 10 miles from the start. These failures were mostly due to rash driving for the deeper of the two fords was taken in easy style by an Austin 7 delivery van on its usual Sunday morning round, much to the amazement of the stranded and humbled competitors and much to the delight and amusement of the locals.

The first observed hill was Midmere, which claimed 16 failures. This hill was climbed in great style by Mrs. Vaughan Standard 10.

After lunch, the two hills—Lovers Lane and Maidens Grove—caused little trouble, and it was not until the stop and restart test at Lewknor was reached that competitors came ” up against it.” Other than 4 motor cyclists, only E. H. Dimond (M.G. J.2.), covered the 15 yards timed section in the 7 seconds allowed.

From Lewknor the route led to Crowell where on the road leading to the hill the fun commenced. The curtailment of wheeled traffic on the Ickneild Way has now made it much worse than the Roman road. Many competitors stopped owing to wheel spin (due to the sticky condition of the chalk) before they had covered the first 50 yards of the hill. Skids and broadsides were too numerous to mention. In fact there were only 6 clean climbs of Crowell. F. A. Thatcher (Singer LeMans) was the first to do so, followed by F. M. Shepherd (Singer), Mrs. Vaughan (Standard), C. S. Parrott (Singer), K H. Dimond (M.G. J.2) and W. Greenleaf tMorris Minor). P. Hart (Morris Minor) skidded half way up and came to a standstill but made a noteworthy climb without assistance after restarting under his own power.

The route then went by easy stages to Downley where there were no failures among the 20 who attempted it, for by this time there were a number of retirements.

And so to the finish at the Royal Saracens Head Hotel at Beaconsfield for tea.

RESULTS. AitiquATIgN CUP. (C1.4ASS ” B “).

1st, E. H. Dimond (No. 31), M.G. J.2. (North West London M.C). Silver Cup.

*2nd, F. M. Shepherd (No. 28), Singer ” 9 ” (City & Guilds College M.C.). Silver Medal. *3rd, F. A. Thatcher (No. 16), Singer Le Mans ( G W . M. C. ) . Bronze Medal . t

*P. Hart (No. 26), Morris Minor. (G.W.W.C.). Bronze Medal.


Mrs. M. Vaughan (No. 11), Standard 10. (W.A.S.A.). Silver Medal.

* Decided on Acceleration ‘rest.

t Tie.


The Monthly Meeting of the Club was held at headquarters, the County Hotel, on Monday, February 5th, at 8 p.m., and Mr. Sheard gave an interesting film-show. A certain member has Once again been on the scrounge and had on view -a real live specimen of the Loch Ness Monster. As far as can be established, there has never been seen a fish to equal his specimen. It was worth going miles to see,

The Sporting Car Trial, which last year was organised by the Harrogate and Ilkley Clubs, and which proved to be a tremendous success, is this year to be organised solely by the Harrogate Club. The provisional date for this event is August 26th.

The Novelty Trial was held on February 4th, and resulted as follows : 1, A. It. Bell ; 2, E. H. McWilliam ; 3, T. F. Leake ; Special Award, F. Kirk.

BROOKLANDS A.R.C. are avail

Supplementary Regulations are available for the Open Race Meeting to be held at Brooklands on Saturday, 3rd March, There will be” Walton” Mountain Handicaps, “Walton Sprint Handicaps,” and ” Walton” Half-Mile Scratch races. Women drivers are only eligible for two Half-Mile Scratch races.


The Annual. Half-,Day Trial will take place this year on Saturday, 3rd March, starting from the Clearway Filling Station, KingSdown, Kent, on the main London to Folkestone road. An interesting course of 40 -miles in length has been planned among the Kent hills, and a Stop and Restart Test will also be included.

After the trial an informal dance will be held at the Clearway Filling Station and Restaurant, at which all social members will be particularly welcome. Refreshments will be available, and a good band has been engaged.

The Club’s journal ” Sidelights ” continues to. be published, and the January issue contained some useful ” hotting-up ” notes by ” Con-Rod.”

The address of the Hon. Secretary is : Mr. Harold J. Jones, 22, Basinghall Street, London, E.C.21.


The Annual General Meeting was held recently at the R.A.C. First of all the Hon. Sir Arthur Stanley, C.B.E., G.B., 11.4.V.O., was re-elected President. A

surplus on the 1933 year was reported by the Treasurer, and he pointed out the growth of the funds from 4204 in 1920 to £3,500 today. It was decided that in future an applicant could obtain membership on a personal reference if he knew no one in the Club. The Secretary announced that the total membership now stood at 1,700.

Supplementary Regulations and Instructions are now available for the International Trophy Race to be held at Brooklands on Saturday, April 28th, starting at 2.30 p.m.

Copies may be obtained from the Secretary, Mr. L. F. Dyer, Empire House Brompton Road, London, S.W.7.


The Spring Trial will take place on March 4th, and tentative arrangements have been made to hold the annual Club Limier on March 12th.

Motor cyclists filled the first three places in the recent Weardale Trial, the winner being F. W. Torry (B.S.A.), followed by T. Humble (A. J.S.) and A. E. Schull (lielocette).

The Eon. Secretary is Mr. R. S. Stevens, The University Union, College Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne.


Supplementary Regulations and Entry Forms are now to hand of the -first Race Meeting, to be held at Donington Park on March 24th. There will be races for 850, 1,100, 1,500, 3,000 c.c. blown and =blown cars, and a special event for 1,500 c.c. blown and 2,500 c.c. =blown cars. The entry fee is RI per event, and the list closes on March 15th.

Racing starts at 1 p.m. Full particulars can be obtained from Mr. Fred Craner, Secretary, 938, London Road, Derby.

LAGONDA CAR CLUB. The Annual L inner and Dance of the

L Club held at the Park Lane Hotel, London, on February 9th, was an outstanding event, for it was the first function of its kind held by the Club. A large ‘crowd of members and their friends attended, some of them coming specially from distant parts of the country. Major W. IL Oates was in the chair, and after he had proposed the loyal toast he paid a brief yet heartfelt tribute to Brig. General F. E. Metcalfe, whose place he occupied through the latter’s illness. Members joined him in wishing that fine sportsman a speedy return to good health. Then Major Oates referred to the hard work carried out by the Secretary, Mr, C. G. Yokes, who had founded the Club and laboured with great energy during the first year of the Club’s life. In reply, Mr. yokes announced that the Club’s membership was now well over the 100 mark, and said that his work for the Club

had been a natural result of owning such a fine car as a Lagonda—a sentiment which drew forth a chorus of ” Hear, hears,” from the assembly.

Major Oates stated that a full programme had been planned for 1934, and that the first event would be a rally to Croydon aerodrome some time in March. A splendid aggregate Cup has been presented by the Lagonda Car Company.

After the pleasant Tudor Room had been cleared, dancing was begun to music provided by the Chateau Bleu Riverside Club. Two members of this band played some excellent pieces on two pianos, and late in the evening the inimitable Mr. Gillie Potter appeared and proceeded to pull the leg of ” Your secretary, Mr. Vokes,” in unmerciful fashion. Later he decided to ” leave old jokes alone,” and his discourse was confined to the activities of his brother when staying with the Marshmallows at Hogsnorton. All very amusing.

Altogether the evening was a most pleasant one, smoothly run and without any air of stiffness or formality. Congratulations to all those concerned.


BUGATTI ” Bugantics,” the Club journal, continues to be the most ambitious and bestproduced publication of its kind. The January number is full of good things. ‘I here is a photograph of the first Bugatti Royal ever produced, No. 2 of W. Boddy’s interesting series ” Special Bugatti

Types,” dealing with the 1913 5 litre ” Black Bess” which used to be raced by Miss Ivy Cummings (this 10 page article is fully illustrated), a report of the Night Trial, an amusing page of cartoons, and the usual news of the Club.

A magazine worth having—and a great credit to the Club.


1 he Supplementary Regulations for the British Empire Trophy Race Meeting to be held at Brooklands on Saturday, une 23rd, are now available. The racing will start at 2 p.m.

Copies, with entry forms, can be obtained from the Secretary, Bangalore House, Newton Street, Kiugsway, LonW.C,2.

don, W.C,2. THE M.G. CAR CLUB. Hatfield Aerodrome was the scene of

Hatfield Aerodrome was the scene of the annual general meeting of the Club, which took place on February 3rd. The hon. secretary announced that the membership had increased in 1933 from 200 to 700, and that the three new centres of Midland, Northern and Scottish were all flourishing. The hon. treasurer’s report was equally satisfactory.


A very successful dinner and dance was held on j anuary 26th at the Landsdowne Hotel, Bournemouth, at which over 40 members and their friends were present. Everyone was glad to see Lieut.-Col. Charles jarrott, patron of the Club, in

the chair, and he entertained the gathering with stories of old-time racing days in which he played such a prominent part.


A large gathering of 260 members and friends attended the annual dinner and dance at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham, on February 9th. Mr. E. 1,1. Morcom was in the chair, and in his speech he reported the welcome news that Club Headquarters had been secured by engaging two rooms permanently at the Grand Hotel. Before proceeding with his speech Mr. Morcom asked his guests to accompany him to Shelsley Walsh, and as he spoke so the Blattnerphone record of the 1933 event. kindly loaned by Mr. Gerald Cock of the B.B.C. blared out in the banqueting hall. Then the awards were given away, and dancing continued until 2 am,

TALBOT OWNERS’ CLUB. At a last month the was

At a meeting last month the Club was formed with the Earl of Brecknock as President. Talbot owners who would like to join should get in touch with the Honorary Secretary, Mr. S. W. Mason, c/o. 112,2ssrs. Clement Talbot Ltd., Barlby Road, London, W.11.