THE activities of the Junior Racing Drivers’ Club had during the past year been limited to organising Mountain Races at Brooklands, but they started their 1934 programme with a

speed trial open to members of the Bugatti Owners’, the United Hospitals and the Brighton and Hove Clubs and, of course, members of the J.R.D.C. The venue was Middle Culham Farm, two miles from Henley on the Henley-Maidenhead road.

The Trial was held over a standing quarter mile, which was laid out on a narrow road with a rough surface and minor ruts. A right-angle turn two thirds of the way along it was the only hazard, and the two large trees which stood near the corner and which were padded with straw and sacking were unscathed at the end of the meeting.

The spectators were able to park their cars near the main road, and an ample force of marshals kept them off the finishing stretch. The course followed the boundary of a large field and everyone was able to get a good view of proceedings. The narrowness of the road prevented any spectacular cornering, and no exciting incidents occurred, but the organisation ran smoothly and concluded with 45 minutes of daylight in hand, which augurs well for future events organised by the J. R. D. C. Fifty-two entries, comprising cars of al sorts and sizes took their turn on the starting line before R. King-Farlow and his little Union Jack. The first group comprised cars under one litre, and the only lively performance was given by J. H. Potts (J .2 M.G.), who won his class

Sumner on a blown Austin led off the 1,300 c.c. class with his car sounding rather woolly but he actually made fastest time in his group. Dr. Haines (Hornet Special) took to the grass at the corner. A series of Hornets and Magnas made undistinguished runs, most of the drivers seeming to have difficulty in catching up with the steering after the corner, but Day on a Magna had the situation well in hand. There were some interesting vehicles in the 1,500 c.c. class. After a false start owing to the presence of an official car, C. R. Instone on a 4 litre G.P. Bugatti made a brisk run, faster than D. B. H. Robinson’s well-preserved Brescia, while Stolbert got away well on his four-seater Aston Martin. Goodson (Austin 8)

• equalled Stolbert’s time. An attractivelooking Alta fitted with a Roots blower and driven by Briault had a fruity exhaust note but was rather slow. Inderwick on an old Fraser Nash was notably steady on the corner, but best time of the class again went to Day on the Magna.

Running again in the 2 litre class, Stolbert and Robinson improved their times, and Charters took the corner well on the 2 litre Lagonda he drove on the Monte Carlo Rally.

Baron’s 3 litre Bugatti must be unique, being constructed from a three litre touring chassis which had been shortened, and further changed in appearance by the addition of a G. P. radiator. It won the three litre class, while Geoffrey Taylor’s words of advice had not been wasted on Briault who made second fastest time on the Alta.

Running again in the Unlimited category, Baron further improved his speed, making Fastest Time of the Day. He succeeded in beating two blown 2.3 Bugattis with touring bodies, while cars such as Rose’s 4i litre Bentley had no chance of getting up speed on the quarter mile stretch. One would have like to have seen R. G. J. Nash on his V.8 Ford, but it was fitted with a coupe body and was therefore not allowed to run.

Proceedings concluded with demonstration runs by Hood on a supercharged M.G., and C. E. C. Martin on an ” L type Magna. Both of them put up good times, which unfortunately did not count, as their club was not officially participating in the meeting.


Up to 1,000 c.c.

1. J. H. Potts (J), M.G. J.2., 30.2 secs.

2. J. Tatton Ridd (J.), M.G. J.2, 31.2 secs.

3. D. Phillips (J.), M.G., J.2, 31.8 secs. Up to 1,300 c.c.

1. J. H. Day (J), 1,300 e.e. M.G. Magna, 29 secs.

2. Dr. B. B. Haines (U.), 1,271 c.c. Hornet Special, 29.8 secs. 3. G. B. C. Sumner (B.), 747 c.c. Austin

S. 312 secs.

Up to 1,500 c.c.

1. J. H. Day (J.), 1,300 c.c. M.G. Magna, 28.6 secs. 2. H. W. Inderwick (U.), 1,496 c.c. Frazer-Nash, 29 secs. •

3. J. H. Stolbert (U.), 1,493 c.c. Aston Martin, 29.2 secs.

3. C. H. Goodson (B.), 749 c.c. Austin S., 29.2 secs.

Up to Two Litres.

I. J. H. Stolbert (U.), 1,493 c.c. Aston Martin, 28.8 sees.

2. D. R. Briault (U.), 1,074 c,c. AltaS, 29 secs.

3. D. B. H. Robinson (B.O.), 1,496 c.c. Bugatti, 29.8 secs. Up to Three Litres.

1. A. Baron (B.O.), 2,992 c.c. Bugatti, 27 secs.

2. D. L. Briault (U.), 1,074 c.c. Alta 28 secs.

3. H. W. Inderwick (U.), 1,496 Frazer Nash, 28.8 secs. Unlimited

1. A. Baron (B.O.), 2,992 c.c. 26.8 secs.

2. J. K. Laurence (B.O.), 2,300 Bugatti, S., 27.8 secs.

3. Gerald Shapley (B.O.), 2,261 c.c. Bugatti, S, 28.8 secs.

Sealed Handicap : J. H. Potts, Midget.

Net Time : 18.2 secs.

B. denotes Brighton & Hove Club.

B.O. „ Bugatti Owners Club.

J. „ J.R.D.C.

U. „ United Hospitals Club.