The B.R.D.C. British Empire Trophy.



£100 presented by Messrs. Joseph Lucas, Ltd., tne second man in the race will receive a similar amount given by the

bunlop Rubber C., Ltd. ; trie third £50 and a tropny from the Automobile Engineering Training College ; the fourth £25 and a trophy from ivlessrs. Chas. Follett, Ltd. ; the fifth an award value £40 from the ; the sixth, seventh and eighth will receive J.30, £’20 and £10 eacn respeti vely ; the winner of each group will receive a trophy value £25 unless he is in the first three in the race ; the leader at 15, 30 and 50 laps respectively will receive an award of £10 presented by Messrs. S. Smith & Sons, Ltd. ; and finally the team having the best aggregate will hold for one year the Challenge Trophy presented by the M.G. Car Co., Ltd. The first entry has already been filed, namely Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 12 cylinder Sunbeam, which led the field for some time during the race last year before retiring with mechanical trouble. Altogether the race should be a well up to the standard of last year’s event, for in motorracing as in other things, nothing succeeds like success.

The B.R.D.C. British Empire Tropny.

For the third British Empire Trophy an entirely new course will be used at Brookiands. in previous years it will be rememoered that a system of heats and a anal has been used, the cars racing round tne normal outer circuit of the track. As announced in the February issue of MOTOR SroRT, a” road” course has been devised, and the event will consist of one race of 300 miles in length, starting at 2 p.m. of Saturday, J une 23rd. The start will be given just beyond the Fork, and the cars will proceed round the Bylleet Banking to the Railway Straight, half way along whicu they will pass through an “5” bend made up of sand-banks, called the ” Railway Snake.” At the point where tne old Finishing Straight joins the outer circuit, just before the Members

Bridge, a second ” S ” bend will be placed, called the Members Bridge Bend. Then, as though in a Mountain Race, the cars will rush down to the Fork to” Fork Hairpin One,” round Chronograph Villa. A short distance up the Finishing Straight they will encounter” Fork Hairpin Two,” which will lead them back towards the Bylleet Banking and the end of the lap. The cars will be divided into 8 classes, each of which will be sent off from the starting line at the following times :—

2.0 p.m. 750 c.c. supercharged, unsupercharged 1,100 c.c. and 1,500 c.c. (81.82 m.p.h.).

2h. Ilm. 40s. 1,100 c.c. supercharged and 2,000 c.c. unsupercharged (86.25 m.p.h.).

‘211. 15m. 1,500 and 2,000 c.c. supercharged, 3,000 c.c. and 5,000 c.c. unsupercharged (87.75 m.p.h.).

211. 20.m. 3,000 c.c., 5,000 c.c., 8,000 c.c. and unlimited unsupercharged (90.0 m.p.h.).

The handicap speeds are given in brackets.

1 he race will be open to cars of any type, fitted with an open body, but they must be capable of a speed exceeding 90 m.p.h. ‘t he entry fee per car is £16 up to /flay 7th, £21 up to way 21st, and £26 up to June 4th. Lord Nuffield has generously donated £1,000 for the Prize Fund, so that the following cash awards are possible :Entrant of winning car, £400 and British Empire ‘trophy; second car, £200 and Canada Trophy ; third car, £100 and Australia T ropny ; the car covering distance in shortest time, £100; first car in eacn class, £50; team prize, ” ” Trophy ; each driver of winning team, an award by the Vacuum Oil Co., Ltd. ; all entrants and drivers completing course

in specified time, a plaque.

With this splendid array of awards the British Empire Trophy Race should be assured of success, and the present vogue of road racing should make it particularly attractive to those engaged in this form of motor sport.