Museum Piece



the Winter Grand Prix at leatnan, ,weden.

and Rovere, who is .now president of the concern.

Museum Piece

Or a charming story from Italy. The Alfa-Romeo concern has just presented a Type B monoposto Alfa-Romeo to the Turin Automobile Museum, founded by Count Biscaretti. Thus a classic motorcar has been preserved for posterity to gaze upon with befitting awe.

Evergreen Le Mans

Surely no race has ever been se consislently popular as Le Mans. Sixty entries received five months before the: race

Cars entered by manufacturers are as follows : — Delahaye 2, Aston Martin (1,500 c.c.) 3, Astoo-Martin (2,000 c.c.) 2, Riley 2, Talbot 2, Frazer-Nash 1, Austin 3, Adler 3. Cars entered by private owners are as follows :—Adler 1, Alfa-Romeo 1, Aston-Martin 1, Bentley. 1, Bugatti 3, Delahaye 4, Fiat 3, Ford 1, Fraor-Nashsh 1, Lagonda 1, M.G. 3, Riley .1, Singer 4. The following drivershave not specified their cars: Carr, Eccles, Embirieos, McEvoy, Fournier, Gaillard, Hilde, Lord Howe, Jackson,. Kennings, Mann, Moly, Pfister, Poivier, Schmidt, Villeneuve, and X.