Kaye Don, who returned to racing last year with a Delahaye, will probably drive this marque again this season.

The Beechholme Motor Co. recently sold Miss Goodban’s Type 55 FrazerNash-B.M.W. to a Mr. Johnson, who ran it in the Winwood Cup trial as a try-out and was very pleased with its behaviour. In the same trial, which was run in thick snow, Fltt’s Type 55 Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. won the Visitor’s Cup.

The rumour which the Daily Press perpetrated a short while ago, that Riley and Austin were giving up racing, has been denied. Austin will race frequently this season, but without making definite fixtures at the beginning of the season.

The V8 Batten-Specials have done well in recent trials. Plenty of racing-cars of repute are

available just now, including Miss Ellison.’s monoposto Maserati, LemonBurton’s varied Bugattis and 4i-litre Lagonda, and Dr. Roth’s Talbot.

J. Eason-Gibson will run an all-night service for R.A.C. Rally competitors at his London premises, as his Lancia Aprilia did not arrive in this country in time for him to compete.

A new E.R.A., possibly a sports-car, is rumoured “on the stocks.”

Le Roy electrical timing apparatus will be used at the Crystal Palace. The human element is not completely obviated. New models. Singer are introducing a 1+-litre sports job. The 30 h.p. Ford

V8 has been improved. Frazer-Nash have launched an additional sports model, priced at 095.

V8 B.M.W.—another rumour that went astray.

Vanden Plas recently fitted a concealed head coupe body on one of the new 4.3-litre Alvis chassis.

Ian Connell scored a very popular victory in the li-litre class of the Swedish Winter G.P., his E.R.A. finishing behind Bjornstadt’s winning Alfa-Romeo.

The Alfa-Romeo Bimotore does 31 m.p.g., the tank holding 110 gallons.

There is talk of a racing 4-litre single o.h.c. Delage over in France.

The Wisdoms will drive a 2-litre M.G. in the Mille Miglia, running in the supersports category. A. C. Bertelli has left Aston-Martins where he was designer and chief engineer:

The new Atalanta car has been seen in mysterious guise, apparantly undergoing final pre-production tests.

The J.C.C. has a special scramble on March 20th.

The recent Racing Mechanics Club dinner was a great success.

A Delage of the type which Imbert and Franqueville drove in the Monte Carlo Rally recently attracted great admiration ‘n South London. Jucker’s New Mount

Frazer-Nash exponent Jucker has on order the first of the independently sprung racing Altas, and we understand that he is disposing of his 2-litre Alta, which car Mrs. Millington crashed at the last Shelsley meeting, though without seriously damaging the machinery.

Why ?

Why did a certain well known driver deem it necessary to don racing helmet and goggles before trying the fit of a new body for his M.G. ?