A correction


I have read with interest your January number of Motor Sport but I must draw your attention to certain errors, in particular re M.G. twin-cam heads mentioned on page 72 where you state these were turned out by Bellevue Garages and L. E. W. Pomeroy, whereas they were designed by myself and Pomeroy, made and fitted by M. A. McEvoy Ltd., and sold to Evans, Connell and Briault respectively.

Incidentally the twin-cam M.G. now acquired by Alan Bainton was Connell’s, Kenneth Evans’s car having been bought by Joe Ashmore, the West Bromwich motor trader, who will be racing it himself at Donington.

All spares, jigs, tools and designs relating to the McEvoy-Pomeroy heads have been acquired by R. Parnell who has had a six-cylinder head of similar design constructed for his Magnette.

I am, Yours etc., M. A. McEvoy.

Frankfort-am-Main, Germany. (When we coupled Bellevue Garage with these double-wipe heads for M.G.s, we were regarding the matter from that of technical interest and not of business. But we believe that the first of these heads was mated to its block in the Bellevue Garage racing-shops.–Ed.)