I should like some information regarding the 3-litre Speed Model Bentley. I am running one at the moment, and while I have no trouble with the car at all, I am wondering whether it is possible to prevent the driving compartment and the floorboards getting so hot in summer. Perhaps some of your other readers have had this experience, and maybe they have found some method of obviating the trouble.

Incidentally, I should like to recommend this model to anybody who happens to be contemplating the purchase of a Bentley.

My car has done some 18,000 miles in two years, and has never let me down on the road. I never realised that it was possible to enjoy such trouble-free running with such an old car until I started running the Bentley. A constant source of wonder to me is

the ease of starting. In the coldest weather the engine will always start with one or two swings of the handle, and will pull away from stone cold with full power available and never so much as a spit back.

All of which speaks volumes in favour of a pair of good mags and a fixed starting handle. . . I hope it will be a long time before I have to part with the old Red Label. While on the subject, I should very much like to know whether any reader still happens to possess one of the original button-hole badges of the Flying B insignia, coloured in red. If they have I should be grateful if they will coinmunicate with me via your paper. I am, Yours etc.,


E.17. * * *

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