ALFA-ROMEO 1,750 e.e. supercharged twin-cam

ALFA-ROMEO 1,750 e.e. supercharged twin-cam

shaft, latest type big blower, special racing-type monobloc engine, sports 2-scater. black and chromium, Zeiss lamps, just completely overhauled and mechanically faultless, £300. Apply Box C 304, c!O MOTOR SPORT.


19.31 ASTON-MARTIN International sports 4seater, finished red, host of fittings, really carefully used, very fast and in exceptional condition,

our price, with written guarantee, £125. Apply Box T 301, go MOTOR SPORT.

1-LITRE 1931 model ASTON-MARTIN sports'2 mans coupe, black and grey, recently overhauled, first-class condition, £86. Apply Box R 309, cjo MOTOR SPORT.

BENTLEY Vanden Pies 4-seater

1928 0-litre BENTLEY Vanden Pies 4-seater sports, maintained by Bentleys, guaranteed 100% condition throughout, good tyres, sacrifice £90. Apply Box Z $08, do MOTOR SPORT.


TALBOT, original 200 udle race model fitted 1 blown Meadows engine. One of the few originals still in existence, £45 or near offer. Raw, 2, Montagu Avenue, Leeds 8.


30/98 Engine OE. 240 balanced crankshaft, dynamo and magneto, the whole lot rebuilt as a spare unit for my very famous 30/98, but has not been used, also two 1926 back-axles complete with pron.-shafts and gearboxea several radiators. steering-boxes, etc., etc. Guy Warburton, " Crompton," Walkden Road, Worsley, Manchester.

ENGINE & SPARES BUREAU RE still unable to find those

A RE you still unable to find those spares, engines, chassis or bodies ? We know where they are. Don't waste valuable time. Write now. Spares Bureau, 132, Village Way, Pinner, Middlesex.


30-98 Vauxhall, 3-litre Bentley, 7th Series

Lancia, Delage (all models), Hispano, Lagonda, 12-50 Alvis., Riley Nine, For. I Eight, etc., and many others. Quotations by return. T. P. Breen, High Road, Whetstone, N.20. Telephone Hillside 2393.


DEVOLUTION COUNTERS, 31 In., 5 in., and -I% 6 in. dial with traimnissiona, from £.2, according to fitments. Guaranteed.

QPEEDOMETERS supplied or repaired.—Speedoto meter Supply Co., Ltd., 25 Great Queen Street, London, W.C.2. Holborn 4687.