Sir, I have recent ly purchased a Brescia Bugatti, i% hieh I reseiteil in a somewhat rusty state from a farm at Hunts Cross, just outside Liverpool. The owner of the car knew very little of its history, and I wonder whether any of your readers know anything of it ; registered 1924, No. XU9855 ? I have carried out only a few alterations, fitting aero screens and replacing the 710 x90 tyres by 5.5″ On an old set of Riley wheels. This car has an amazing turn of speed and I have touched 80 m.p.h. on more than one occasion (this

was the speedometer reading, so cannot be taken as accurate).

I have found this car exceedingly easy to handle. In spite of its steering, which is rather direct, it can be cornered with the greatest of ease.

I am very anxious to obtain performance figures for these cars, and any information concerning their peculiarities.

I have been a ‘consistent reader of MOTOR SPORT for about 2i years now. I look forward to the articles on the Veterans and also any news (II Austin ” Specials.” You are ‘doing a grand bit of work keeping the Sport going under such trying ein.wiistances.

I am afraid that, owing to war conditions, the Sport at Cambridge cannot flourish, but when the time conies again I have little doubt that one or two startling ” Specials ” will appear. I am, Yours etc.,

Cambridge A. 110WARD BATESON.

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