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The fourth instalment of’ ihe above series by Francis Hutton-Stott. is unfortunately eostponed until next month owing to the late arrival of MS. These instructive articles have aroused widespread interest, and we apologise to those readers %vim have been awaiting the next

part we hope that the pleasure of anticipation vill subsequently be fully satisfied. taken over the Works of La Licorne, La Fournaise and Chantiers Navels de Maisons Laffitte. Ile has produced a 4-cylinder, 14-litre, 16-valve supercharged engine able to run at very high speed. This has been tested in a motor-cycle having very fine front and rear suspen,ion and a road speed of over 87 m.p.h. This, with a special gearbox, will be used in a post-war 4-seater Bugatti car, which will be a little smaller and very much lighter than a Type 57, and aims to provide a similar performance with very low fuel consumption. Other post-war Bugatti models will include a 4-litre ” Grand Sport de Luxe ” and a lighter version of the fantastic “,Royale,” to be built in limited numbers, In addition, Bugatti intends to make machine tools and car parts for others to build under licence, and luxury boats, both sail and power, up to 35 metres long. Some will be entirely Bugatti : others will have Bugatti hulls, and provision will be made for highpower engines, including steam units. Bugatti has already nutde a very special boat’s windlass, able to exercise a chain pull of 10 tons, and this will be offered in east iron, or in de luxe form in polished bronze ; the weight, with engine, is 29a kilos. This is the first mummification the club has received from Ettore since early 1940 ; it is news indeed I


An Enthusiasts Car Club, which will hereafter be referred to as E.C.C. II, has hecn formed in the Merseyside and Wirral :iren, and a meeting was held on February 11th. Hon. Secretary : 11. Fisher, 282, Claughton Road, Birkenhead.