While one must always congratulate the Editor upon his profound motoring knowledge, the powers of telepathy evidenced in the January issue, where it is stated that Raymond Mays and WingCommander Lester have jointly diverted the thoughts of the M.M.E.C. from dangerous channels, are not equally worthy of praise.

One is completely at a loss to understand how MOTOR SPORT knows what the thoughts of the M.M.E.C. are, or in what respect they have been changed by the two people mentioned. No one could hold either Raymond Mays or Wing-Commander Lester in greater regard than do the members of this club and myself, and we are particularly appreciative of the enormous amount of extremely valuable work which they

have put in recently on behalf of the Sport. I am confident, however, that they would be the first to agree that no change of opinion on the part of the M.M.E.C. has ever been necessary and that in fact none was attempted.

One is bound to express tegret that Moroa SPORT’S flight into the realms of fancy. which has absolutely no foundation in fact, should have been permitted to appear in print. I am, Yours, etc.,

Birmingham, 14. GRAHAM C. DIX. [Perhaps the expression of opinion which offends Mr. Dix may be more attributable to study of a document we were later requested to destroy, than to the powers of telepathy.—En.]