WANTED MoTott SraltT, Vol. NI (Nov., 1934 10 Oil,. 1935 Inclusive) ; also Vols. I-IV. State Price. Lieut.-Commander Fensham, 9, The Drive, Gosforth, Neweastle-on-’17yne. ‘E 30 Bugatti, with original specification and

coachwork preferred. Also Type 37a Bugatti Orli large brakes and aluminium wheels. Also illustrated literature and press cuttings of Bugatti 001-5 from 1010 to 1925. Also pair early Mardian headlamps, old niekel or brass side and tail lamps. and speedometers. Hampton, Spronketts, Bolney, Stissex. D ACING or ” Ulster” Austin engine and gearbox. IA or spares. Full details and history. Ken Wharton, Hume Street, Smethwick, Smethwick 0656. V

(1-T VI’ It M.O. preseleetor gearbox, condition not V important. Ken Wharton, flume Street, Smut liwick. ” LST ER ” Austin, details and history, Ken Wharton, Hume Street, Smethwiek. Smethwick 0650,

IXTANTED pre-19:33 Aston or ” N “-type Magnette V open 4-seater or other good 11,…-litre or under sports. condition not, important. Yates, Adelaide Terrace. 131aekburn.

As ” 12/00 ”flywheel with starter teeth in good order. Box No. 166, MoTort SMUT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

S”Ul RE, Aston-Martin, Frazer-.Nash, 11.11.G., or any other good-class sports car. Must be open. with four seats. Not necessarily in running order, Ind wit hitt the scope of well-equipped amateur workshop Simon, St. Francis, Smutting, Berks.

FOR Bentley BADI 800 camshaft. King pins and bushes, shackle bolts and bushes. General spares. Wellington, Bumcood, Wreecksham, Surrey.

PORTS CARS. ‘I’. tk. T. interested in purchase I,’ of good sports ears. Thomson ck Taylor (BrooklalldS-1 !All., Portsmouth Road, Cobham, Surrey. MGtype K.3 in sound racing trim. Details it

• • t car :old _price to Major Hedderwick.

e , l’ektleld, Sussex.