R.A.C. British Hill-Climb Championship

The R.A.C. British Hill-Climb Championship, introduced last year, will happen again this season, if sprint events are possible in the British Isles. This time entrants must specify any four-events out of five venues when they enter and times will count for those four events only. In addition, the marking system has been improved. The events, any four of which will count towards the Championship, are : Shelsley Walsh, June 12th ; Bo’ness, June 20th ; Bouley Bay, July 15th; Craigantlet, August 28th ; and Prescott, September 12th. The registration fee remains at £2 2s., payable thirty days before the first nominated event. The R.A.C. Trophy, at present held by Raymond Mays (E.R.A.), will be held by the victor for twelve months and he (or she) will hold the title for a year and receive one-half of the registration fees, plus a plaque or similar souvenir.

Incidentally, so ration-conscious have we become in this country, that the R.A.C. News Paragraph dated January 28th announced that the 1948 Championship will take place, subject to petrol rationing !