Reports of Recent Events, March 1949

Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Spring Half-Day Trial
Held on January 14th, the results were: M.C.C. Cup: K. Burgess (Allard). First-Class Awards: G. Best (M.G.), A. Faulkener (Mercury), C. C. Evans (Daisy). Second-Class Awards: L. Parker (Allard), L. Morrish (M.G.), H. E. Roberts (Morris).

Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Full Moon Cup Trial
Run on February 12th this trial embraced Stroud Lane, Oatlands, Ewell, Brockley Rocks and a water-splash. The Full Moon Cup was won by C. C. Evans (M.G.). Class awards went to Cleave (Morris), Radford (Ausford), Vincent (M.G.), Roberts (Morris), Bishop (M.G.) and Crump (Austin).

Airfield Racing – April 16th
The R.A.C. has issued a permit for racing to be organised by the Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. on Easter Saturday at Lulsgate Airfield, about five miles from Bristol. It is proposed to run a series of three or four-lap races for both sports and racing cars. With Goodwood on Easter Monday the holiday week-end will be a busy one!

Maidstone & Kent M.C. Sir Garrard Tyrwhitt-Drake Cup Trial
This event was held on January 16th. C. W. Yates’ Ford-Austin made the only clean climb of the slimy, chalky, 1-in-3 Boxley Warren, winning the Cup. The other awards were: –

Class Cups. – Saloon (over 1 1/2 litre): K. R. W. Shackel (3,662-c.c. Ford). Saloon (under 1 litre): M. Hukins (1,500-c.c. Bradford). Sports (over 1 1/2 litre): A. J. Jarvis (4,198-c.c. Bentley). Sports (under 1 1/2 litre): M. Lawson (1,498 c.c. H.R.G.). Novice: E. G. Spence (1,172-c.c. F.M.W.).
First-Class Awards. – Saloon: R. Penny ( 1,193-c.c. Singer); D. R. Kennedy (950-c.c. Standard); J. V. Lewis (1,086-c.c. Riley); F. Bradley (1,496-c.c. Riley). Sports: L. J. Hollingsworth (1,172-c.c. Ford Special, S.); R. W. Christmas (939-c.c. M.G., S.); H. Clayton (1,172-c.c. Clayton Special); D. Wootton (Austin); G. Pentony (Morris Special).
Team Award. – W. G. Render (1,292-c.c. M.G.) D Render (1,098-c.c. Morgan), J. C. C. Mayers (1,292-c.c. M.G.).

Lim Chu Kang Spring Event
Fastest time, standing start, motorcycle unlimited class: Vincent H.R.D., 25.5 sec.; Car No. 75, 40.1 sec.; No. 97, 28.2 sec.; No. 98, 28.0 sec. Car No. 98 made fastest time of day for its class. These cars were all built by Lim Peng Han.

Specifications of the above cars are as follows: No. 75, F.I.A.T. engine, 1,500 c.c.; gearbox, F.I.A.T.; chassis, back axle and front suspension, F.I.A.T. No. 97: Ford V8 engine, 3,917 c.c.; Jaguar gearbox; chassis, Sunbeam-Talbot, front suspension F.I.A.T., axle and wheels, Triumph “Gloria.” No. 98: Ford V8 engine, 3,917 c.c.; Ford three-speed gearbox; front suspension F.I.A.T.; axle and wheels, Ford.

Buenos Aires G.P.
Run over a distance of just over 108 les, this race was won in impeccable fashion by Alberto Ascari, whose 16-valve Maserati averaged 70.77 m.p.h., winning by 40.2 sec. from Luigi Villoresi, in a sister car, who rather “blotted his copybook” by turning round just before the finish. Ascari’s time was 1 hr. 30 min. 23.9 sec. Oscar Galvez’s 3.8-litre Alfa-Romeo was third and Jean Manuel Sangio’s 16-valve Maserati fourth, Sangio’s car being delayed 30 sec. for a wheelchange while in third place. Both these drivers are Argentinians. “Bira” brought his Maserati in fifth, but Reg. Parnell’s Maserati suffered engine trouble and retired after only four of the 35 laps.

Hagley & District L.C.C. Clee Hill Trial
Run on February 6th, this trial brought in an entry of 53 and was graced by glorious weather. The route, of 22 miles, had to be covered twice, and included some exceedingly difficult hills, of which only P. A. Atkinson climbed the Yeld, a triumph for his Austin Seven. Burgess’ Allard made best time, 7.5 seconds, in the special test, Wharton, Price and Merrick coming next, in 7.6 seconds.

Best Performance. – L. J. Oliver (747-c.c. Austin), Club Cup.
Best in Opposite Capacity-Class. – K. E. O. Burgess (3,917-c.c. Allard, S.), Committee Cup.
Best Hagley & D.L.C.C. Member. – P. A. Atkinson (747-c.c. Austin), Bromsgrove Cup.
First-Class Awards. – R. W. Merrick (1,172-c.c. Dellow, S.), G. D. Waldron (1,172-c.c. Dellow, S.), D. W. Price (3,922-c.c. Price-Special).
Second-Class Awards. – K. Rawlings (1,172-c.c. Rawlings), J. W. Cox (1,172-c.c. M.C.F.S.), B. H. Brown (3,917-c.c. V8-Special), J. E. De Bloquiese (747-c.c. Austin).

Bugatti Owners’ Club Night Trial
Organised by the Hants and Berks M.C., the B.O.C. Night Trial was run in Surrey overy icy roads on the night of February 12th/13th. and was keen test of navigation and general knowledge, with many touches of novelty and humour at the checks.

Invicta Trophy for Best Performance – Eric Giles (Vauxhall Fourteen), 719 marks.
2nd. – Silver medal: L. Leonard (M.G. “TC”), 708 marks.
3rd. – Silver medal: S. H. Allard (Allard), 706 marks.
4th. – Hants & Berks M.C. Award: W. W. Paul (Ford “Anglia”), 705 marks.
5th. – Silver medal: R. Clarke (Bugatti “3.3”), 704 marks.
6th. – Second best H. & B. member, silver medal: J. Gott (H.R.G.), 702 marks.
7th. – Bronze medal: G. Robson (Lancia “Lambda”), 701 marks.
8th. – Bronze medal: J. Lowrey (Jowett Javelin), 698 marks.
9th. – Bronze medal: Col. G. M. Giles (f.w.d. Citroen), 696 Marks.
10th. – Bronze medal: P. Williams (B.M.W.), 695 marks.
11th. – Bronze medal: Barclay-Inglis (Allard), 693 marks.

Sheffield & Hallamshire M.C. Harrison Trophy Trial
Severe frost made this event, run on February 6th, easy in respect of hills, so two timed climbs and a special test decided the issue, only three out of an entry of 25 retaining full marks. The event was run on “follow-my-leader” lines, over a route of about 20 miles.

Harrison Trophy. – R. H. Hunt (Hunt-Special).
First-Class Awards. – J. Clegg (Clegg-Special), A. M. R.. Mallock (Austin-Ford).
Second-Class Awards. – A. M. Beardmore (A.M.B.-Special), T. L. Harrison (Harford).
Team Award. – Clegg, Corbishley and Hunt.

Second Buenos Aires Grand Prix
Held on February 6th in pouring rain, Villoresi retired, Ascari lost his exhaust pipe, Farina retired, Fangio hit a tree, Parnell received a stone in his radiator and “Bira’s” car misfired.

1st. – O. Galvez (3.8-litre Alfa-Romeo), 59.56 sec,
2nd. – Fanglio (Maserati).
3rd. – Cantoni (Maserati).
4th. – Malusardi (Maserati).
5th. – “Bira” (Maserati).

Stop Press

V.C.C. Fixtures
The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, catering for cars built up to the end of 1914, has announced its 1949 fixtures. They are:
March 19th. – A.G.M., South Kensington Hotel (lunch 12.30 p.m., meeting 2 p.m.).
April 16th.-Southern rally and hill-climb, or trial, West Surrey.
June 6th. – Eastern rally and gymkhana, Norwich.
July 16th. – Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. rally (supported by V.C.C.), Bristol.
September 17th. – Northern rally and speed trial, Southport.
September 25th. – Hull A.C. & L.C.C. rally (supported by V.C.C.), Hull.
November 13th. – R.A C. Brighton Run (supported by V.C.C.).
The secretary is: Miss M. Ruxton, 46, North Row, Oxford Street, W.1 (Telephone: Mayfair 6749).

The Vintage Sports Car Club has announced a very interesting fixture list for this season. It reads as follows:
April 23rd. – Speed trial, Silverstone.
July 2nd. – Race meeting, Silverstone.
July 9th/10th. – Speed trial and rally, Madresfield.
August 27th. – Prescott speed hill-climb.
October 9th. – Speed trial, Luton Hoo.
November 27th. – Trial, Bisley.

The Alpine Rally
The Alpine Rally has become a classic event in which British cars did outstandingly well last year. This year’s event, the twelfth, will take place from July 13th to 21st, and regulations are available from the organisers, l’Automobile Club de Marseille et Provence, 27, Cours Pierre-Puget, Marseille (telephone, DRagon 33.61). The route is from Marseille to Nice. Prize money totals a million francs, and the major trophy is the Coupe du Rallye International des Alpes.

Talk on Bugattis
By Mr. Lemon Burton on Thursday, March 24th, at 7.45 p.m. at the “Green Man,” 128 Mill Lane, Edgware, Middx.