B.R.M. Official Statement

We have received the following statement from the B.M.R.R.T.:—

“The Committee of the British Motor Racing Research Trust thanks the Press for giving the Trust this opportunity to offer their acknowledgement to all persons and organisations who have in any way helped to support or publicise the B.R.M.

Better to regularise such efforts and to deal with the increasing volume of suggestions and offers of help, the Trust has now established a Public Relations Office at 113, Park Street, London, W.1. Tel.: Mayfair 8240.

The Public Relations Officer, Mr. G. H. Judson, will be glad to receive any views, plans or assistance which would be of benefit to this national effort, and particularly with regard to the formation of a B.R.M. Supporters’ Club, which is now in process of organisation.

The Trust would emphasise that the B.R.M. project is being supported voluntarily by subscribers and services.

Tile ultra-modern B.R.M. racing cars have been designed to enhance the prestige of British products in the markets of the world.

The help of every section of industry and of the British public is urgently required.”