CLUB AFFAIRS, March 1951




The A.C. Owners’ Club Night Navigation Trial will be held on March 10t11/11th, starting and finishing at Cannons Hotel, Ware, Herts. Invited clubs are : Vintage S.C.C., Hants & Berks M.C., Chiltern C.C., Sporting Owner-Drivers’ Club, Berkhamsted M.C. & C.C., North London Enthusiasts’ Club, and Herta County A. & A.C., and members of these clubs wishing to compete should apply for regulations, entry forms, etc., to their secretaries or direct to B. H. Martin, 8, Waverley Road, Enfield, Middlesex, who will also be grateful for offers of marshal

aid. * * *

The Peterborough M.C. held its annual dinner-dance at the Angel Hotel, Peterborough, on February 1st.

The affair was well attended, the toast “The Peterborough Motor Club” being given by the Mayor of Peterborough and responded to by Mr. Raymond Mays, the President of the club. Arthur Johnson then proposed “The Visitors,” and John Bolster replied with a magnificent speech in which he paid tribute to Raymond Mays, the B.R.M. and the B.R.M.A. for, HS John Bolster put it, having the guts to risk the criticism resulting from Barcelona in order to gain the information they wanted:

The speeches were followed by the presentation of last year’s awards by the Mayor of Peterborough. * * *

The Nottingham S.C.C. annual dinner and trophy distribution took place at the ” George ” Hotel, Nottingham, on January 26th. Several distinguished guests, including Bob and Joan Gerrard and Reg. Parnell were unavoidably unable to attend, but the Club were fortunate in having

Geoff. Crossley and his charming wife with them, and it was Mrs. Crossley who kindly consented to present the trophies.

A pair of ” Bira Blue” racing overalls, auctioned during the evening, were won by Dennis Richardson and he caused much. mirth by parading therein among the dancers. Vinson” TROPHY (Racing): let : B. IL AshtOn (Ashford); driver In Wood. VITEEGN TROPHY (Sports) :

Dennis Richardson (Riley Special). PERFORMANCE TROPHY : Mrs. Nancy Binns (Riley Sprite). Norrisonem ” TROPHY: David Barapshire (*litre Mascratl sic.). ” Norrnroaaa ” TROPHY (Fastest Lap) : Reg. Parnell (li-litre Maserati sic.). NOTTINGHAM ” TROPHY (Sports Cars): U. Tyrer (B.M.W.); ” BOWXY ” TROPHY:

D. F. Ryder (M.G. ” ” PILHINGTON ‘ TROPHY: J. S. Hollings (Morris Right). ” M.G.” TROPHY: 3.5. Dalton (” T.C.”). Virmon Srorers CAR CUP :

J. D. Itadford (Riley/Morris). The “1st Thursday” meetings at the ” Admiral Rodney public house are fast becoming the recognised rendezvous for motor enthusiasts of the district. On the last occasion Mrs. Nancy )3inns, who was unable to be present at the annual dance, was presented with the Performance Trophy. She arrived in an XK 120, and it would seem that there will be several of these cars racing at Gamston

this year. -The Isle of Wight C.C. has now been in existence for over twelve months, and has a very enthusiastic crowd of members. Of the more cars in the dub

are three 8-litre Bentleys, one dieselengined Bentley, three 2-litre L.agondasone blown—one Brescia Bugatti, one ” 40/50 ” Phantom Rolls Royce ex-Betty Carstairs, three ” 12/50 ” Big Port Alvis ” Beetlebacks,” one Alvis Speed Twenty, and two Frazer-Nashes. The club is now affiliated to the R.A.C., and is organising an all-England Rally from April 4th-8th, terminating in the Isle of Wight. It is proposed to use five starting points for the Rally, namely London, Warwick, Taunton, Glasgow and Harrogate. The start will be at 10 a.m. on April 4th over a course of approximately 700 miles with the usual cheek points en route to either Lynxington, Southampton or Portsmouth, the three ports of embarkation for the Isle of Wight, where special ferries are laid on to convey competitors to the Island. The cars will be disembarking between 10 a.m. and 3.15 p.m. on Thursday, April 5th, and on landing will be put through numerous special tests before proceeding to their hotels. In the evening the competitors will forgather for a cocktail party welcoming them to the Isle of Wight. On Friday it is hoped to hold a timed hillclimb on a private road in the Island, with the morning set aside for practice, and a dance in the evening. Saturday morning is to be spent in preparation for the Concours d’Elegance in the afternoon, followed by a special variety show at. which it is hoped to show a film of the whole Rally, when the competitors will have the dubious pleasure of seeing themselves on the screen ! * * * After the Sporting O.D.C. Night Navigation Trial of December 16th. lust, which was won by J. R. 13arrett’s Jowett Javelin, entry fees were refunded to all finishers