Club News, March 1951



Club News

WE HEAR Howard has two

Howard Venning has acquinal two overhead-camshaft Beardmore engines, one a 18.9 h.p., the other an 11.5 h.p., the latter new and unused and with a racing camshaft. If an appropriate chassis should come to light he would be able to build up one of these rare but desirable cars. A Rollo cycler-8r is believed to have been put on the road recently, in addition to the Tamplin and Cardeng referred to in the last issue. Peter Clark’s daily transport is provided by a Standard Vanguard with Wade supercharger installation and Overdrive. Ian Palmer is building a “special ” with tubular chassis, Vauxhall Duboainet and a Wade-blown Ford Ten power unit. Various 10-h.p. gyno Spares are available if anyone requires them and another

11.0″ Lagonda was for sale in Cardiff recently. Major C. Pannee, Widford, Ware, Heels, has the ex-Dr. Fellows 1929 41-litre “Le Mans” Bentley, registration no. XY 7418, engine no. UK 3287, chassis no. UK 8290 and seeks its earlier history. Dennis W. Bateman, Wayside Cottage, Lelant, St. Ives, Cornwall, wants servicing data and to ‘contact previous owners of his 1929 14-litre blown Alfa-Romeo, GU 8733, car no. 0312874. R. Johnston is making an adventurous journey front Johannesburg to Cape Town in a 1921 Rolls-Royce. The Vintage Humber Register has got off tO a good start, membership being 27, with 32 cars aged from 1904 to 1980, when we last heard. Leslie Johnson will again drive his Jaguar in sports-car races this year. As part of’ his training he rides hard on a

B.M.W. motor-cycle; TO!) Gear, official organ of the Scottish Sporting C.C., is to be published hi-Monthly instead of quarterly ; its new address is : 116, Myth:mood Street; Glasgow, C.2. G. T. Gregory writes to say that, following our advice three years ago, he bought a mechanically sound but unkempt 1927 “Red Label” 3-litre Bentley and enjoyed “most pleasurable and almost trouble free motoring, including 8,000 miles in France and Spain in 1949.” However, he remarks that in the end considerations ,of comfort, and economy prevailed and he is now contentedly running a Ford Anglia. The Bentley is being rebuilt by an engineering student. A member of the Cornwall V.C.C. is persuading a Ford V8 engine into an M4ype M.G. chassis, and another member of this club contemplates a 37.2-h.p. Hispamo-Suiza with duplicate instruntenta in the rear compartment. P. A. Hodson. 593, Scott Hall Road, Leeds, 7, wonders who formerly owned his

spccial 1935 Austin Seven, 532.


The natantl general meeting Of the British Automobile Racing . Club took pktee at the R.A.C. on January 25th. 1951. The general secretary was able to state that membership stood at 3,707, the ‘highest figure ever recorded in the Club’s history, and that. the Club’s very heavy 1950 programme had been one of its most successful ever. During the course of the meeting, His Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gordon was unanimously re-elected President of the Club. For the Club Council, there were 22 nominations and 18 vacancies, and as a result of a ballot the 18 members of the 1050 Council were re-elected. They were : Messrs. B. H. Austin, A. G. Benstead, L. F. Dyer, E. C. Gordon England, H. 13. Everard, C. B. Follett, A. Fraser-Nash, H. R. Godfrey, A. Logette, Prof. A. M. Low, P. B. Mayne, J. Gordon Orford, G. Roberts, R. C. Sutherland, E. B. Tustain, W. Urquhart-Dykes, C. S. Watkinson and L. H. White. Major F. H. Bale was re-elected Hon. General Treasurer and Mr. A. Logette Hen. Legal

• Adviser. The second Midnight Mat iitee was held at the Curzon Cinema on February 2nd. with a repeat show on February 9th— sufficient indication of the attraction of this show, which is one of motoring’s social highlights. The Shell film of last year’s Royal Silverstone Meeting was shown: it proved even better than the same Film Unit’s presentation of the 1049 Silverstone race, which is praise indeed ! Movietone .and G.B. newsreels covered almost every aspect of speed and daring on wheels and also a breathless Grand National I The Fangio film reminded us that motor-raeing still has at big propaganda value, in this instance for the Argentine, and a film of the 193$ Monaco C.P., won by Varzi in a Bugatti, was refreshing. So were shots of the 1931 Monte Carlo Rally, which brought claps for Donald Ilealey’s Invictix and Leveret’s Riley Nine—and what a long way it must have seemed to Monte Carlo in the ears of those times. An excellent M.G.M. cartoon that had nothing to do with motoring, the Dunlop film of those (mostly) Persil-white Jagtuirists at Le Mans and, of course, those newsreels of almost unbelievably beautiful girls in bathing attire completed a first-class entertairunent for which some 1,000 enthusiasts thought it worth while losing

their beauty-sleep. A distinguished visitor was Earl Howe.


The Bugatti Owners’ Club presented its 1950 awards at a pleasant party at Chipperfield, as follows :— VICTOR LUDORUM TROPHY: S. H. Allard. JEAN BoaArri TROPHY: P. J. Stubberfleld. PERCY FAWCETT CHALLENOR CUP : P. J. Stubber




BAINES TROPHY: C. W. A. Heyward.




SOUDERIA On’: Tyrer. Club Pennants for meritorious performances or service were presented in respect of 1950 to J. Boulton, J. B. Emmott, A. .1. Franklin, K. Hutchison, K. Nightingale and P. J. Stubberfield. The club has a busy season ahead of it, with the following fixtures :—

March list/April 1st. Northern Rally and Trial. April 0th—A.C.M. at R.A.C.

April 2181122nd..—Testing week-end, Prescott. April 22nd.—Opening Rali Prescott.

May 19th.—National Speed Prescott. June Intli.–iiiiverstone R3CO Meeting.

31.111C 2401.—Mmilbene Hill-Climb. Prescott.

Sept. 9th.International Speed 11111.Climb, Priwott. Oct. 20th.—Dinner and Dance. Dee, 7thiath.—Weisli Secretary : Major Dixon-Spain,

M.C., l’rescott House, near Cheltenham, Glos.


The Sports Car Club of America; an organisation of 1,200 amateur lovers of fast thoroughbred automobiles, held their annual meeting at the Henry Hudson Hotel in New York Gly on January 20th. The business meeting in the afternoon was attended by well Over 200 members, representing all p3rts of the I Tufted States. The following ()Akers were elected :— Presidera 0. Cameron Peek ; Vice-President : Frederick 0. Waeltcr, Sr.. seovoirs: Philip J. Cade; Treosorrt Dr. liWry-R. Ti. Finn ; Editor : Karl Two hundred and seventy-five members and their wives attended the dinner and witnessed the award of two Major trophies. The Thomas McKean Memorial Trophy, presented annually to the Club member performing an outstanding act of good sportsmanship during the year, Was awarded to George G. Huntoon, in recognition of his action in voluntarily

surrendering his own chances in the Seneca Cup Race at the Watkin’s Glen New York Grand Prix, when he stopped to render aid to a competitor who had gone off the road. The Woolf Barnato Trophy, donated to the Sports Car Club of America by .Jack and Helen Stack of New York City in memory of the great English sportsman and Bentley driver. which is awarded annually to the Member contributing the most to the Club during the year, was given to Briggs S. Cunninghank, who carried the American colours at the 24-hour Le Maas race after a lapse of Many years without an American entrant.


Subject to each Club agreeing to carry out the R.A.C. test for differentials as laid down, the events to be used in the B.T.D.A. Gold Star Competition for 1951 are :—

: : The Committee at their recent meeting considered the question of the Rally Star and decided to offer a suitable Trophy and Souvenir Award for the winner and runner up in a Competition to include one British International and three National Rallies run during 1951. These are 1,000 Mile Rally … 9 R.S.A.C. Scottish Rally ….May May 14th to 18th Lancashire Automobile Club Itally—Morerambe … May 25th to 27th Rally of Great !WWII … June 4th to 9th

Marking will be similar to that used in the Gold ” Star ” Competition, which is tiw allotment of marks up to a maximum, according to the position of the member in the final results ; the best three events to count towards these marks. It will, however, be a condition that the same car is to be used in each of the Rallies and that it must be the bona fide property of the driver. It is further regretted that the B.T.D.A. cannot assist prospective members to obtain entry into the above Ranee.

Full details may be obtained next month from the Hon. Secretary : D. G. Mather, Standard Steel Works, Tinsley, Sheffield.


This Club was formed in May, 1949, and now has Ill members. It has already put on a speed hilleliirnb, two rallies, a trial, a gymkhana and a Concours d’Elegance, and has a thriving social side. The highlight of the latter for 1950 was a talk by John Wyer,

Competitions Manager of Aston Martin, Ltd.

The new Hon Secretary is : G. N. Loveridge, ” Dringarth, ‘ Lavernoek Road, Penarth, Glamorgarishire.


As from this month the Lagonda Record combines with the Lagonda Register’s magazine and will appear in printed form, under the editorship of Dennis King, an undeniably sensible move. The club’s next fixture is a Night Trial on March 17th/18th, starting from the “King’s Arms,” Stokenehurch, embracing a route of at least 100 miles and finishing for breakfast at the ” Lambert Arms, Aston Rowant Rumour has it that George Abeeassis intends to compete. The club announces that it may hold a Prescott meeting this year. B. A. Henry is no longer a member. Hon. Sec. : L. Leo, 58, Holtspur Top Lane, Beaconsfield, Bucks.


The Monte Carlo Rally produced the usual entertaining comments by daily Press writers, including a pre-Rally story headed “Hard Way to Monte Carlo,” in which it was stated that Messrs. Waring, Wadharn and Sharp had fitted their .Jaguar” with all sorts of equipment and accessories to enable us to do the 2,000 miles non-stop.” Including, one presumes, cross-Channel floats and buoyancy bags.


A Night Navigation Trial will be held on March 10th/1 lth, in the South Herta area. Invited clubs : Vintage S.C.C.’ Sporting Owner-Drivers’ Club, Hants and Barks, Chiltern C.C., North London Enthusiasts’ Club and Herta County A. and A.C. Members of these clubs may apply for regulations, entry forms, ete., to their secretaries, or direct to Basil Martin, 3, Waverley Road, Enfield, Middlesex.


Road and Track for January describes Mama Spotty its ” one of the beat automobile magazine buys in the world.”


Sixty members and their guests and friends attended a very convivial dinner and dance at the Rembrandt Hotel on January 6th, at which the guest of honour was Col. S. J. Worsley, D.S.O., M.C., M.A., the Principal of the College of Estate Management, to which the club is affiliated. The annual general meeting was held at the Lotus Restaurant, Haymarket, on January 25th attended by about 85 members, at 25th, those responsible for the club’s activities in the past year were congratulated by all present. New officers and committee were elected for the ensuing year and the club’s programme of four trials, a rally, a

possible sprint and driving tests and, of course, continuous association with the Eight Clubs, together with the usual social events, was endorsed.


Some 52 Alvis enthusiasts attended the inaugural meeting of the Alvis Owner Club, held at the Swan Hotel, Tenbury Wells, on January 14th, there being about 20 Alvis cars there, ranging from a 1024 ” 12/50″ to a 1050 ” 14 Sports.”

The business of founding the Club was carried through successfully. L. T. C. Bolt agreeing to act as Chairman for the time being. R. P. Birks was elected Hon. Secretary (his address is 201, Yew Lane, Ecelestield, Sheffield, 5), and N. S. Hyslop, Hon. Treasurer.

The A.G.M. is planned for April. There will be a social event on the saute day.


The more modern car which figured in last month’s quiz proved easy for a big percentage of those who sent in solutions. The first correct answer came from D. Phillips, of !brook. who simply specified 16-cylinder Maserati. This was quite correct, for the car was none other than that fabulous sports job wit It two straight-eight engines side by side, driving to a common transntission, and a two-seater Zagato body, which was brought to this country in 1946 by Eric Verkade—not by Eric Vereker as one reader had it ! J. II. Thomas, who took the photograph, plumps for two 2.0-litre engines, but in fact the car had two supercharged, straight-eight, 2-litre engines, a total of 4 litres. Peter Hampton says the car was built for sports-car racing, on the lines of the similar G.P. car, and SiLdr. Crampton volunteers the information that Charles Lewis now has the car. An interesting letter came from Piet Olyslager, of Holland, as follows :—

” This car I know so well and drove oime for. long trips, Is a real piece of machinery hat hits a difficult handling and dangerous to driveat maXtniuni revoluttens. ” The car is now not longer in possession of Verka4e and is disappeared anywhere in Europe. “Probably Is the car One of the Maseratl’s Oki’

was imported in Belgium without the right papers for a race in Spa, in pre-war dits by some Italians, and perhaps you remember that the Belgium Government seized the cars after a trial. ” The Maserati was not easy to . adjust In the

right manlier, even the factory couidn’t, after ninny vhdt.8 and It was never ” hitting on all sisteen.” Others who gave the corr(et solution were : C. K. Blake, of Felixstowe ; P. L. K. Bird, Of London, N.W.3 ; I. J. G. Berry, of Ealing ; SiLdr. Crampton, of Seramplon ; Dr. .1. 1). F. Thornton ; Dr. D. F. Rees, of Dewsbury ; C. W. P. Hampton, of 13olney ; G. Sofa h. of Worcester ; P. Richardson. of Cott eml; Sir Anthony Starner, of Clymping A. W. E. Ilensham, of Thornton Heath : W. B. Hatfield, of (Tallow(‘ ; G. F. Humphreys, of Derby J. Gott, of St. Albans ; B. !Shoofly, of Carnforth ; .1. Ranee, of Radlett : .1. Alan Bill, of Cardiff ; L. J. Selright, of London. N.18 ; D. B. R. Grist. of Southaminon ;M. P. Staub, of Zurich ; Paul Frere, of Brussels ; C. K. Welton, of Soothgrite ; J. W. Colenerander, of Holland ; II. A. O’Brien, of Eire ; N. Woodward, of Exeter ; W. A. Crabb, of liagshot ;

I’. M. Stevens. of Chingford ; A. J. Sargent, of Eire ; II. Walter, of Sweden ; R. Winby, of West Mailing ; A. Hill, of London, S.W.5 ; A. H. S. Fountain, of Cavershant ; F. II. Catinera, of London, W. II: A. Tringham, of Wohlingham ; C. Spink, of Surbiton ; Ht. Lt. Brown, of Bollington ; and V. Barlow, of Ehudon. Sortie people were a bit vague as to type, but 16-cylinder Nlaserati was all we wanted, although we eouhl hardly accept ” V16 raping car ” as correct. Other incorrect attempts stated ” Maserati, 2,1-lit re Nlaserati, Tritimpht Dolomite, Alfa-Itomeo, Leyland-Thomas, Delage, Alfa-engined II.S.111. Triumph, Salmson. 0.51., Atalanta, 11./rby, Vale Special,

FIAT, Alvis, Singer and, seared( us, Victor and Alzoda.