LETTERS from READERS, March 1951



41 • * Sir,

Recently you have noted in Alarm SPORT that several people have started one-make Registers. While in Australia I started a Vintage Vauxhall Register (whieh, incidentally, is being continued there by a friend of mine). I am hoping to continue it in this country as soon as possible. I see that some of these Registers are fast. developing into Clubs. At the moment I have not the least. intention of forming any sort of Club unless support is overwhelming.— which is most unlikely. If anyone else cares to take. on such a task I would be very pleased to turn over my records, for I am forming the Register principally for my own amusement. Still, I hope to have good support. The results to date include complete details of the following cars in Australia :—

Prince Henry type : D278C.

“D “-type : None.

” 14/40 : None.

” 28/60 ” : 0111026, 013598. “B “-type ” 80/98 ” : E866, E370;


“OE “-type : 0E1078, 0E80, 0E73, 0E102, 0E122, 0E124, 0E142, 0E166, 0E197, 0E215, 0E239, 0E285.

Also the immortal ” Fifty Bob ” A210, and the “Blue Lake” Vauxhall 0E297.

I know the engine numbers of another 20 to 80 cars. .I am, Yours, etc.,

London, S.W.7. W. A. Wisamm4. [Letters will be forwarded.—En.) • • *