Brands Hatch for the amateur

If there be any amongst you who reckon they can circulate Brands Hatch quickly, the Tunbridge Wells Motor Club are giving you the opportunity to prove your claim (and the poor old vehicle) at a Closed Invitation Event to be held on Sunday, March 29th, 1953, for members of the following Clubs : The 750 M.C., Maidstone and Mid-Kent M.C., Kentish Border C.C., Surrey Sporting M.C., Vintage Sports C.C., B.A.R.C. (S. Section), and the Singer O.C.

The entry fee will be 10s. 6d. The entry list, which is limited to 50, closes first post on Monday, March 23rd, 1953.

All details from the Secretary of the Meeting Mrs. S. T. Roe, 24, Molyneux Park Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.   (Tunbridge 21753).