Fixtures For March

R. = Restricted Event. C. = Closed Event. C.I. = Closed Invitation Event. N. = National Event, I. = International Event.

6th. — Scottish Sporting C.C. Trial, W. Scotland. C. Armagh & Dist. M.C. & C.C. Trial, Armagh. C.
6th/7th. — Herefordshire M.C. Rally. C.I,
7th. — Bolton le Moors C.C. Rally, Lancs. C.I.
London M.C. Trial, Hindhead. C.
Old Merchant Taylors M.C. Rally.
Bugatti O.C. Rally. C.
Eastern Counties M.C. Rally. C.
Harrow C.C. Rally, Home Counties. C.
Hants & Berks M.C. Trial, Hants/Berks. C.
Lancia M.C. Rally, Bovingdon. C.I.
Eastwood & Dist. M.C. Trial, Notts/Derbys. C.
Shenstone & Dist. M.C. Trial, S. Staffs. C.
Sunbeam-Talbot O.C. Trial, Cotswolds.
Cambridge Univ. A.C. Sprint. C.I.
9th/14th. — R.A.C. Rally, Great Britain. I.
10th. — Lanarkshire M.C. & C.C. Rally. C.
13th/14th. — Oxford Univ. M.D.C. Rally, Cotswolds. C.I.
S. of Scotland C.C. Rally. C.
14th. — Plymouth M.C. Trial, Devon. C.
Kentish Border C.C. Trial, Kent/Sussex. C.
Yorkshire S.C.C. Trial, Ilkley. R.
Severn Valley M.C. Trial, Wellington. C.
Brighton & Hove M.C. Trial. C.I.
M.G. C.C. (Scottish). Rally, Scotland. C.
Eastern Counties M.G. Rally, E. Counties. C.
E. Anglian M.C. Autocross. C.I.
Chiltern C.C. Autocross, Fingest. C.
20th. — S.U.N.B.A.C. Trial, Cotswolds. C.I.
Cranleigh & Dist. M.C. & C.C. Trial. C.I.
Grimsby M.C. Trial, N. Lines. C.
Scottish S.C.C. Trial, Ayrshire. C.
Caerns & Anglesey M.C. Rally, N. Wales. C.
Mid-Antrim M.C. Trial, Co. Antrim. C.I.
500 M.R.C. of Ireland. Race meeting, Kirkistown Airfield. C.I.
20th/2Ist. — Margate & Dist. C.C. Rally. C.
A.C. Owners' Club. Trial, Dorking. C.I.
Swanage C.C. Trial. C.
Cumberland S.C.C. Rally, Cumberland. C.I.
21st. — West Hants & Dorset C.C. Trial, Hants/Dorset. C.
Nottingham S.C.C. Trial, Nottingham. C.
Blackpool & Fylde M.C. Rally, Lanes. C.
Huddersfield M.C. Trial. C.I.
Windsor C.C. Rally. C.
Wolverhampton & S. Staffs C.C. Trial, Staffs/Shrops. C.I.
Thames Estuary A.C. Rally, Essex. C.
N. Cornwall M.C. Trial, Bodmin. C.
Berkhamsted M.C. & C.C. Trial. C.I.
Leicestershire C.C. Trial, Leics. C.
N. Devon M.C. Trial. C.
Mid-Derbyshire M.C. Trial, Derbys. C.
Plymouth M.C. Autocross "Anon. Trophy," C.
Darlington & Dist. M.C. Trial, Candale Moor. C.I.
Bridgnorth & Dist. M.C. Trial, Bridport/S. Salop. C.I.
Morecambe C.C. Rally, Lancs./W. Yorks. C.

Sunbeam-Talbot O.C. Trial, Yorks.

27th. — Newry & Dist. M.C. Trial, Newry. R.
Riley M.C. (Lowland). Rally. C.
B.A.R.C. Race Meeting, Goodwood, C.

27th/28th. — B.A.R.C. (Yorks). Rally, W. Riding. C.
Bugatti O.C. Rally. C.
V.S.C.C. Speed Trial, Silverstone. C.

28th. — Mid-Cheshire M.C. Sporting trial, N. Wales. C.I.
Knowldale C.C. Trial. C.
Horsham & Dist. M.C. & L.C.C. Trial, Horsham. C.I.
Cornwall V.C.C. Driving tests. C.
Oxford M.C. Rally, Cotswolds. C.
Newcastle & Dist. M.C. Trial, Newcastle. C.
Fylde Motor Sports Committee. C.
Burnhope & Dist. M.C. Trial, N. Counties. C.
De Lacy M.C. Trial. Yorks. C.
Singer O.C. Trial, Kent/Surrey. C.
S.O.D.C. Trial, Beds. C.I.
N. Midland M.C. Hill-climb, Derbys. C.
Cambridge 50 C.C. Autocross, Cambridge. C.
Tunbridge Wells M.C. Speed trial, Brands Hatch. C.I.
Lothian C.C. Autocross, Lothians.