The 17th International British Empire Trophy Race.

The B.R.D.C. will hold the British Empire Trophy Race at Oulten Park on April 2nd, with practice all day on April 1st. The race will be for sports cars running on pump fuel and will consist of three 44-mile heats, respectively for cars of up to l litre, up to 2,750 c.c., and unlimited capacity, with a handicapped final of 70 miles. Prize monies total £1,500 and entries close on March 19th.

The Dolomite Association has been formed to cater for owners of Dolomite, Vitesse, Continental and Gloria Triumph cars. The annual subscription is £1 Is. for the first year and 10s. 6d. per year thereafter. Details from D.G.Lindsey, 36, Brook Road, East Deere, Bournemouth.

The Broughton-Bretton M.C. now holds car events and is contemplating applying for R.A.C. affiliation. Secretary : P.R.Sheen. The Griffin, Mynyold-Isa, Mold, Flints.

Due to a mistake in the allocation of the course by the landowners, the 750 M.C. All-comers’ Trial is now postponed until March 20th.