American magazines.

America's motoring journals have flourished exceedingly since the war and some of them are now very good indeed and we are delighted to see them.

Speed Age for February packed in an enormous amount of material reviewing last season's racing, continues Russ Catlin's History of A.A.A. National Championship Racing, dealing with the 1911 season, and outlines the successes of the late Wilbur Shaw.

Car Life for February reviewed pictorially the latest U.S. automobiles, introduced American drivers to the sports car, had an article on "Glamour Cars of the Movies" and reported on last summer's Anglo-American Vintage-Car Rally.

Antique Automobile, the beautifully-printed journal of the Antique Automobile Club of America, has a series of articles by Charles L. Betts, Jnr., on Indianapolis Stock-Car records, starting in 1914, and in its winter number recalled the Vanderbilt Cup races.