Ford v. VW

Mr. English has allowed his enthusiasm for the Volkswagen to run away with his judgement. I own neither a VW nor a Ford, but I have driven the New Anglia, been a passenger in a Consul for some 400 miles in two days, and motored many miles in a VW in Germany a year or two ago. I cannot accept the statement that the VW "generally leaves behind " a Consul. The published road-test figures just will not substantiate any such claim. If a Consul is being "driven" it will show a very clean pair of heels to a Volkswagen.

Accepting the Editor's remark that the New Anglia rivals the Consul in performance, some comparisons in performance between the VW and Anglia are available in a publication of a contemporary journal. This shows the Anglia to be 4 m.p.h. faster and with brisker acceleration right throughout the range, and in particular at the top end, where from 40-60 m.p.h. the Anglia took no less than 19 seconds less. From 0-60 the difference in favour of the Anglia exceeded 18 seconds.

The petrol figures for the VW are not quite so good either. The. Editor and the publication referred to give a figure of 34-36 m.p.g. for an overall consumption and not the 40 claimed by Mr. English. If he is getting this figure I.suggest he is not driving flat out. (At a constant 60 the road-test figure was just in excess of 33).

I must confess that I am seriously considering changing to a VW and am only deterred by the very bad luggage accommodation, one suitcase being of little use to a family of four.

In conclusion, may I wish Motor Sport continuing success in 1955. Your policy of publishing truthful and accurate reports cannot be too strongly supported.

I am, Yours, etc.,

Norwich. M.R. Braithwaite

(With my fingers crossed. I venture to remark that a large suitcase can be stowed under a VW's bonnet, leaving room for at least two more in the well behind the back seat.—ED.)