A people's car

I was, for five years, a regular reader of both national motoring weeklies, only to discover their complete lack of constructive criticism in their road-test reports.

As a Frenchman, I am very prejudiced in favour of the British auto-mobile industry and I realise fully the utmost importance for this country of the export market. But when complaints of shoddy workmanship and slap-dash finish became a general chorus from dissatisfied customers from every corner of the world, I discovered, like thousands of other foreign readers, that your paper was the only one to be trusted to pronounce an unbiased and healthy judgement on the British industry and its competitors abroad.

I think your policy of honest and sound criticism is the only one capable of shaking the manufacturers out of their smugness and complacency.

I have been waiting for years to see a British firm bold enough to produce a true people's car, like the 2 c.v. Citroen, only to be forced into buying a Volkswagen.

I have no comment to offer about this car, except that it goes. It is left outside, winter and summer. I never touch it, unless to put very little petrol in it. It just goes without any fuss. I am not a mechanic ; it is all I want from a car : not to be bothered.

I am, Yours, etc.,

Paris. "A faithful French reader."