AN EARLY ARRIVA L.—F. W. Scotts HilIman Minx draws in to the control outside Ferryfield on the 1956 “Cats’ Eyes” Rally. A sensible precaution on the part of the entrants was to fit chains, as can be seen in the photograph.

TIME FOR SUPPER. —C. D. Boulton in his Healey Silverstone is seen arriving at the Ferryfield car park for the compulsory one-hour-15minute supper stop incorporated in the ” Cats’ Eyes” Rally on Febru ary 4/5th

RALLY COMFORT.— The Mark VI] Jaguar saloon of J. Pocock with M. J. Sykes as navigator soon after arriving at the Lydd control. Pocock was the winner of Class


EARLY DA YS.—The Mark III Sunbeam driven by G. C. H. Wilsdon here seen leaving the first stop of the rally, the Spring Tavern, Wrotham, where all competitors were scheduled to attend before continuing


MEMORIES OF THE MONTE CARLO RALLY.— The Bristol of A. Meredith-Owens and Alick Pitt checks in under a blue sky at the control immediately before competitors swung left to tackle the difficult ascent of the

Col du Rochette.

REGULARITY TEST.—A Mk. VII Jaguar follows the Renault 750 of Jean Val and Gaston Panuel in the mountains.

DIZZY DELLO1P.— E. A. Stringer’s .Dellow whirling round the marker during the London Motor Club’s Coventry Cup Trial held near Stokenthurch, Bucks, on Sunday. February 12th.

UOPS!!—Energetic movements on the part of his passenger certainly helped G. .1. Newman to win the Coventry Cup Trial. His nearest rivals were R. W. Faulkner and P. A. Barden, who received first-class awards.

FIRST HILL.—B. U. Dees in his Deeford on the first hill, one which failed most competitors owing to the hard frozen ground which afforded

err liule wheelgrip.

P. A . B. S PECI A L.— Winner of a first-class award, P. A. Barden in his P.A.B. follows along in the queue for his chance to conquer hill two, at which he was very nearly successful, reaching to section six. ,