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RILEY 9 Kestrel, 1934. Manual box. 1,200 mileS sioce new mama, big ends, small ends. crank grind, librite idler. Tyres; battery. good. Body poor. Taxed. Offer:. 18, Campbell Road, Sale, Manchester. Tel.. Sale 6127, 12332

ALVIS 14 Firebird Saloon, black, 1936, Goon appearance. tyres. batteries. In regular use £85 o.n,o. Box No. T335, Mon* SPORT, 15.

City Road, London, E.C.I. (2335 PAIR Lucas 131-Tlex chrome headlamps, ex. Frazer-Nash, £6. Set 69 mm. 8-1 pistons. Brooklands. Meadows, £5. 1934-35 2 litre Speed Lagonda, new crank, rods and .05o pistons, £20. R. Ashley, The Lodge, Glaston bury, Somerset, 12336 T.D. M.G. Stage II Cylinder head, large inlet. sodium exhaust valves, 14 manifold and twin S.U. curbs., £15. Also TA, M G. 1937. Black, red upholstery. Spotless condition. Radio. £225, Gilbert, 83, Balmoral Drive, Barrow-in Furness. 1233′ RILEY KESTREL 12.4 (owned by Riles enthusiast). I his car is a very genuine and original car, in excellent condition throughout Engine reconditioned, brakes relined, king pins and bushes, shock absorbers renewed, new tyres. F.schatige Land Rover or sell, £225 or near offer. Robatnan, Upper House, Eastnor, Ledbury, Herefordshire. 12338

FRAZER-NASH, 1932. ” Nurburg ” body. Meadow engine, frost damaged. Offers for quick sale. Tel.: Abbey 6600 after 6 p.m. [2340 JUNE, 1955 TR2, 2,000 miles. Telescopic steering, heater, tonneau cover, White, black hood, £72.5. M.G. Magnette a/c ex-Evans. Crook preseleetor racing boa. Overhauled completely. 100 plus. Green, £225. Bow

man, Tel.: Weybridge 1265. 12341 RILEY KESTREL 12 h.p., 1934. Manual box. One owner 1934/55. Good original example. £55 or exchange. 6, Acre Lane, Carshalton. W AL 4696. (2342 BURBLING “-” BLOWER” are distinctive tags personal to one breed. You’ve guessed’ Sorry, no prizes-except the chance to stud:. the design which made a part of our heritage Want sources of new and used spares, overhaul instructions, ete.T-write for details. Instroci non books on 3-litre, 41-litre and Speed Si. plus Buyers’ Guide with Model Identification Tables are fascinating souree of expertise’complete set 20/, Vintage Bentley Service Box No, T343, Morita Sroar, 15, City Road

London, E.C.1. 12343 SELLING-A. T. Bentley instruments. Want 89531.135 Dunlop wire wheels-R.R. 1914. Box No. 1343, Murcia SPORT, 15, City Road, Lon. don, E.C.I. 12344 ASTON MARTIN Le Mans. 1933, No. 1)3.267.5. Recently lincred, new type rods fitted. Whole car in sound condition. £275. Lancashire. Box No, T345, Murcia SPORT, 15, City Road, London E.C.I. 12345 1938 RILEY If litre Kestrel Sprite 6 Light Saloon, cross-flow head. Pram, heater, twin chrome Windtones. Exceptional order. .C2511 0.11.o. 57, Belbeck Street, Bury, Lanes 12346 RILEY NINE. 1929. Open body built 1948.Suit specialist of limited means. Tel.; Enfield 4904 12341 £60. 1932 Lea-Francis 16/70 Saloon, Good original condition. Poynter. 5, Faversham Road, Beckenham. Kent. 12348 RILEY U Kestrel. 1934. Rebuilt engine, Brakes. steering. springs, transmission. reconditioned. New shackles, wheel bearings, etc., fitted. Bargain. 1150, Dismantled Riley 12/6 almost complete, less body, chassis front hubs, £35, or would split. .S.A E. Ill Cranston Park Avenue, Upminster, Essex 12350

FOR SALE-Continued

750 FORMULA Car, Multitude of modifications Best offer Over £125. Challis, 78, New North Road, Huddersfield, 12351 ALVIS 20 h.p. 1916 large 7 seater saloon in very good condition, excellent tyres, £50. Raytield, Mount Pleasant. Oulton, Hr. Leeds. (2353 1928 MORRIS OXFORD Fixedhead Coupd with dickey, been standing 16 years and restored equal to new, In daily Use. £65. Raytield, Mount Pleasant, Oulton. Hr. Leeds. 1.1354 DELLOW, Late 1951. Brand new genuine engine, supercharged, many extras. Excellent condition. Barker, 44, Haling Park Road,

South Croydon. Tel.: CR() 4517. 12357 JAGUAR XK 120 D/H Coupe. Wire wheels, radio, heater, modified engine. Crashed offside. E450. Austin A40 van, 1953, damaged body, perfect mechanically, drive away L ISO. Austin A40 van. 1949, crashed offside front. £85. Ford Consul 1953, severely damaged front.. £200. Triumph 1800 Saloon, 1948, craShed nearside, £160. Riley 11 litre, 1953, body ‘shell and doors, very slight damage only, £45. Price, Hardwick House, Studley., Warks 358 AUSTIN NIPPY, 193$. 50 m.p.g., cream/black. £.115, T. &. I. 26, Fairfax Road. Teddington. Middx. 12359 1934 SINGER 14/6 Saloon, very good order. 25 m.p.g., 1,600 m.p.g. oil, carefully maintained Offers near £75. Goodehild, Station Road, South Carney, Glos. [2360 JEEP, 32,000 miles, just overhauled, £75 spent 6 months. S.A.E. details £100 o.n.o. Bennett, Beaconsfield Road, ‘Sutton Goldfield Birmingham. 12361 1930 ALVIS Bettleback SE16.95. Laystalled engine, clutch lined: new rd,, S.U. pump, hood. tonneau, upholstery, rewired, all in last 3.000. Body sound, mudguards tatty, needs

painting. Buying beaut if ul ducksback. £145. Tel.: SOUthall 1450. 12362 LAGONDA. Owner posted overseas. Rapier 9.6 h.p., double o.h.c.. twin S.U.s, preselector, four seater open tourer, hood, electrics good, engine good, body fair, must sell quickly. £95. Robbins. 51a, Bridge Street, Pinner Tel.: 9163. 12363 LAGONDA Rapier 10 h.p. four seat Tourer New hood undergoing £30 top overhaul, will then be Mechanically perfect. £17.9. Haveryi 24, Tower Road. Orpington, Kent. Tel.:

Orpington 24293. 12364 1935 RILEY NINE Kestrel. Special Series engine in good condition. Resprayed coachwork, an attractive car inside arid out. £140 Wilkins, 9, Haddon Court, Hatfield. Herts. Tel.: Hatfield 245911. [2365 1928 ROLLS ROYCE 20, Park-Ward Limousine. Very good, £125. Robertson. StadhamplOn (82), Oxford. 12366 1929 ROLLS 20 Wesimann Saloon. Bodywork poor. £115 or exchange Rolls van. Also sporty Austin Seven 2 seater. £40. 336. Kilburn High Road, N.W.6. Tel.: MAI 5476 [2367 AUSTIN 7 Special. reconditioned, £55. Morgan 4, ifs, with chassis, £20. Bishop, 2, Burnham Street, Kingston, Surrey. 12308 £70 O.N.O. 1934 Riley 9 Saloon, twin S Scintilla. G.I..a.B., body dodgy. Machin, 45. Uxbridge Road, Stanmore. Tel.: GR1 1213. 12369 SINGER I,o Mans 4 seater. Reconditioned engine, new hood and sidescreens. Nearest £100. Tel.: Park 3704 after 6 p.m. 12444 3 LITRE BENTLEY Saloon. perfect mechanically, excellant coachwOrk, £170, Tel.: POL

6024 (South London), 12445 BROOHLANDS RILEY, Works Racing LIM> cc chassis. Max speed dope. 120 mph. Road trim, 1st, 40: 2nd, 62; 3rd. 85: 4th. 10$ m.p.h. laystall balanced 141 crank, 80 b.h.p al 6.0(711. 10.5 ex.-60.40 pet, ben. 24 gal. magnesium sump. Last raced 1936. Total mileage tinder 2,000, Condition as Works inspected. Suitable Formula or Sports Racing. Standard or Monaposta body, £750. Exchange considered Bos N. T449, Moroa Smits’, IS, City Road.

London, Ei.C. I. 12449 SPEED SIX Bentley, Ex-Woolf Barnato Works demonstration car. Racing order, engine. etc Full aerodynamic body. .Speeds, 1st, 35: 2nd, 62: 3rd. 85; 4th. 110 m.p.h. In proem of complete renovation. Home or export market. Price by arrangement. H.P. arranged or eN change. Box No. T450, Moroft SpoRT, 15. City Road. London, E.C.I. 12450 BENTLEY 4 litre Mulliner Sedanca de Ville. Fitted with a very modified tuned engine, or alternative Speed Six Conversion. Price £350 near offer, Box No, T45I, MoTOR SpoRT, 15 City Road, London, E.C.I. 12451

FOR SALE-continued

LAGONDA 34 litre, 1935. Sound condition, 70 m.p.h. 3rd gear speed. New gearbox, good tyres. £250. Box No, T452, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.I.

RILEY 9 Monaco, 1914. Fitted completely tiu2n4ex152 and reconditioned sports engine. Fast. £125. Box Ni,. T453. Mount. SPORT, 15. City Road, London, E.C.1.

RILEY 9, 1931 Monaco. Sound chassis, in everyday use, rough body. £35. Box No. 1454, IV/onot SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.I.

12454 HILLMAN MINX 10 h.p. Saloon, good condition, new battery, two new tyres. £45. Box No. T455, Moms Sgottr, 15, City Road, London, E.C.I. 44 LITRE L t1AGONDA Tourer, Beautiful Col 2n4515tiOn. Recently stripped and rebuilt. Heater, radio. Offers around £200, Tel.: PUTney 6670. [2457 1931 RILEY MONACO. Recent £150 rebuild, Aluminium panelling. 31 mpg, Reliable. £120. Photo on request. Would exchange Lancia Aprilia or Similar chasSia. Wade. Bodrochwyn Fawr, Abergele, Denbighshire. 12460 RILEY 14 litre 1948 Saloon. An outstanding car, reecnt factory overh2m1„ 1:455 NOTmati Birch, 25. Marsh Street, Hanley. Stoke-On Trent. Tel.: 29460. [2461 RILEY MONACO, 1935, excellent condition throughout. 100 per cent reliable, 35-40 m.p.g. 40 lb. oil pressure hot. £15. Eschapn4g6e2. Tel,: WOOlwich 5938, I) LITRE Sports Racing Connaught. The highly successful 1.500 cc, Spurts Car driven last season by Stirling Moss, Les Leston/Archie Scott Brown, is offered for sale by the Peter Bell stable. The car is offered together with numerous spare parts which include a new spare engine for the suns of I:2.000, Full details of last year’s performance and complete mechanical history can be had on application to George Boyle, Messrs, (korge Boyle (Sports Cars) Limited, Wheatsheaf Garage, Mollingi2t473. C Nr. hester

AUSTIN 750 Special. Alloy body, slab tank. Brakes relined. £45. 30, Woodeote Avenue.

Hornchurch. (2464 1938 TALBOT 10 Sports Saloon, Interior rough £160, Exchange motor cycle or camera, 6. Spenser Road, Harpenden, Hurts, 12405

MORRIS 8 ” E ” Saloon, 1946, Excellent. £255 o.n.o. Exchange Renault, T.C., Volkswagen, Box No, T466. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C. I

EX-DOREEN EVANS N.A. Speci 12466 al. Rebuilt ’55. Ideal for conversion to 1.172 Formula. Offers. Morris, 13; Edgarley Terrace. Fulham, MORRIS MINOR Tourer, 1950, Fligh sion head, air flowed, etc.. twin S.U.s. ServaiS silencer, well shod. Nearest £350, 147. Washway Road, Sale. Tel.: 6737, co mly2r0461 12468 1932 ROLLS ROYCE 20/25 Four-door Mulliner Saloon. Mechanically, body, interior, above average. £365. Box No, T4-70, Molost SPoRT, 15, City Road, London, E,C.I, 12470 1935 TRiUMPII Gloria 10.8 Saloon. In everyday use, most reliable, £75. 14, Benton Gdns., Ilford, Essex, Tel.: 11_1′ 3483, (2472 JAGUAR underslung chassis. 2 litre SS100 engine. Remote control gearbox, 18 in. finned drums. Knock On wheels. Lowered steering. Only needs body to complete 100 m.p.h. special. Months of hard work and a fortune spent by enthusiast. Stork forces sale, Sacrifice, £85 o.n.o. Tel.: Bexleyheath 6499-154, Pickford Lane, 13cAleytleatti, Kent. [2473 RA1LTON 1934 Drophead, fair body, tyres poor, excellent engine. Exchange Jaguar, M.G., Alvis or similar. or sell £80. Tel.: VIC 3596. TAI.BOT Drophead, 14/65, 1935. Good otr2d4e7r5. new hood required, £60 Husband, Glebe Cottage, Church Road, Horley. /2476 RILEY 1935 Kestrel 9, Twin S.U.s. preselector. Recent respray and interior trim. Well maintained. £120 o.n.o. Hudson, 31, West Park

Street, Dewsbury, Tel.: 2844, 12477 1929 BENTLEY, 44, £155. D.H.C. body, large dickey. Excellent mechanical condition. Considerably overhauled. Just checked over by Holman & Burton, Henley-on-Thames, where now stored. Enquiries to loader. 20. Onslow Gardens, SW,?, Tel.: Kensington 8006. (2478 1904 HUMBER Olympia Tandem, V.C.C. dated. restored. done Brighton Run. f. ISO, Also trailer to match. Stothert. Stotherta Ltd., Atherton. Lanes Tel.: Atherton 396. 12480 FAST BUT THIRSTY Hotchkiss 1931 :11 litre

Special £.30. or break for spares. Write: Southsiffe. Woodlands Avenue, Hornchurch 1937 CITROEN TWELVE, specimen as postL24a8r1.

30 m.p.g.. 75 m.p.h., Photos. .£165. or exchange T.A. M.G. 215, Colne Road, Burnie.. Lancashire [24s,

FOR SALE-continued

LITRE Bentley 2-door 4-seater Coupe, large -boot, new tyres, battery. £225 o.n.o. F.W.13. “

Ghost ” with ” Sports Hearse Convertible ” body, new tyres. battery. £125 o.n.o. Dale, 2 Station Road, Histon, Cambs, Tel.: Hii2s4toix,i 272.

ALV1S Speed 20 1934 Charlesworth Saloon. Good condition. £100 o.110. Tel.: Soutlaboi2u4r181e3 44829, Bournemouth. ALLARD, 1948, 71M D.H.C. 38.700 miles from new, Reconditioned Ford V8 engine, four tyres as new, radio. foglamp, balanced wheels, telescopic shock absOrbers, sports coil, door gear change. £265, or part exchange Minor Saloon or T.D. 14, Manche-ster !triad. Barnoldswick, via Colne, Lancs. Tel.: 3375. [2486 IWO 1934 Saloons, taxed, in good order: Citroen II. 1.35. Morris 16. £40. 56, Irwin Road, Bedford. Tel.: 5o06. 12487 ” NELLY ” 1926 Ihillnose Oxford Saloon Mechanically sound. Complete spare transmission. Body requires attention. £30 o.n.o. Marshall, Atclersley Road. Tettenhall, Wolver hampton, Tel.: 51239, 12488 1946 FORD V8 Special. Professional aluminiurn 2/4 seater body. Winner of many trials and hill climbs, Excellent tyres. £90. Tel.: Potter Street 196. 124139 1952 .10WEIT JUPITER, Colour bronze. new Michelin ” X ” tyres, Oxide batteries, 29.000 miles. Perfect condition. Offers? Mosire, 73, Brentwood Road, Herongate, Essex. 12490 1928 CHRYSLER ” 72 Drophead, dickey, original. Excellent order, Two owners. Reliable and fast. Exchanges £55. Wanted: light body for 38/250 Mercedes. Store, 3. Kingslea

Road, Solihull, Warwicks. 12491 TO ENTHUSIAST. Lammas Graham Carlton Con, Coupe. Ex. condition. Back end needs att. British Salmson 12 h.p, Saloon, needs tidying up,. M.G. Magnet K Type, complete, chassis, manual box. Jaguar 21 litre Saloon. mech, good, new tyres, body needs some att. No reasonable offer refused for any or the lot, or would break for spares. Mr. G. Wathen. 51, Milton Street, Sheffield, 1, Yorks.

Tel.: 20948, after 7 p.m. (2494 RILEY 12/6 Mentone (1933) Good all round Recent new earl% pump, batteries, Rotottos, brake linings. £80. Tel.: Knox Ripponden (Yorkshire) 2248, or write Box No. T495. Marcia SPORT. IS, City Road. London. E.C.I. [2495

FOR SALE-continued

FRAZER-NASH-R.M.W. Type 319 2-seat Drop head. 3 Sokx, Type 55 engine. Fully overhauled chassis fitted tclescopres, panhard rod Resprayed, rewired, rechromed. Fast, very smart and 29 m.p.g. Bargain. £160. Nash. 13, Russell Gardens Mews, W.I4. Tel.: PARk 7947. 12492 ASTON MARTIN, II litre, 1935 Mk. 11 Drophead Coupe. Very rare 4-str. coachwork with cycle-type wings, outside exhaust, quick release tiller caps, etc. Bodywork, paint, chrome, excellent; almost new Vynide hood; clean and tidy inside; fitted twin hooters, wipers, stop and tail lights. Engine rebuilt; fitted new racingmetalled connecting rods, oil pump. carburetters, etc. Gearbox and rear axle quiet. Brakes recently relined. Two good batteries, Electrie.s sound. Starter fitted new solenoid and bendix. Marchal spot lamp. All instruments working. Controllable radiator shutters. Nearly new tyres. Remarkable roadholding, economy and high cruising speeds. £295 o.n.o. Consider exchange. Prentice, 63, Snowdon Road, Eccles; Lanes, 12493 1946 TATRA. reg. /50. Air Cooled rear engine V8. Aerodynamic body. Radio, heater. Independent all round. 25 m.p.g.. 100 m.p.h. Tyres, engine, body very sound. Enthusiast’s dream. £200 o.n.o. Tel.: Edgware 5201, between 8-5. 37, Pearswood Gdns., Stanmore, Middx. (2496 COMPLETE Ruby chassis frame, front and rear axles. with Ford 10 engine, less accessories, £30 o.n.o, Ford 10 rear axle (Carling), £8. 17 11 p. Daimler preselector g/box, £10. S.A.E. please. 25. Cheveden Road, Thorpe Bay, Essex-. 12498 ALM 16,95 1934, good condition. Single/triple manifolds. Taxed. £75, or exchange. 62, hlityfield Avenue. Southend/Sea. Tel.: 42538, 12499 AUSTIN SPECIAL, reg. ’54. All enveloping body, ivory. French sealed beam units. New battery. 1:55. John Ruskin Bungalow, Upper Shirley Road, Croydon. 12501 BUCKLER V, 1952. New engine. BatterY, dynamo excellent condition. Very fast. econorniCal. £325. Smithera 21, Kingswood

Avenue, Beckenham, Kent. 12503 M.G. pm Coupe, 1938, V.A. 11 litre. Completely reconditioned, exceptional condition. £235. Taylor. 87, Eastfield Road. Hull Tel.: 52268, 12597

FOR SALE-continued

LAGONDA 16/80 V.D.P, 4 seater Sports, 1933 Engine not refitted since complete overhaul costing £70. Will consider Selling engine separate. Good tyres, tonneau. A great pit) must be sold. First £85 0.0.0. 3, Summer field, Sheffield, 10, 12502 TALBOT IOS open 4 seater. Grebel lamps, rakish trash air carriage with bags of go. £49 Thompson, 97, 1.anSalOW it Road, W.1 1. (2504 RAPIER 1936 D.H. Coupe. Crank ground, re. bore, new timing gear, etc. Sound, smart coachwork. Nearest £200. Riley 9, 1932 Monaco. No lamps, battery, but good chassis body. £30, or will break. Cartwright, EVOg

Lane. Lichfield. (2500 RILEY NINE Monaco, 1933, Breaking tor spares, Morgan, St. Laurence, Kings Som borne, 1-lants.(2506 SINGER 9 Coupe, 1934. In running order, needs some attention, Offers. Will break if not solo complete. 6 .1.0.1%,1.Q.. RAE., North Luffen. Oakham, Rutland. (2509 1.500 cc, FIAT 4-door Pillarless Saloon. Sunshine roof. Excellent condition, brakes re lined, etc. Very good running order through out. Taxed 1956. £125. Sundial Cottage, Theescombe, Nr, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Tel.: A mberley 3116. 12510 DISMANTLING 1937 Rover 12, Phantom II wheels, excellent 700×21 tyres, instruments auxiliaries. Fiat 501 gearbox, diff. assembb etc. Wanted: Small vintage radiator, about 12 h.p, Rich, Steel Green, Millorn. Cumber land, 12511 RILEY 16/4 Kestrel Blue Streak. Complete engine and clutch rebuild by Weshell Motors’£100 bill available. 1.500 miles since. Coachwork in superb original condition. Freewheel and overdrive recently overhauled. New batter) good tyres. many extras. £275. Bridger, Red Rowans, Farnborough, Hants, Tel.: 751. (2512 THE CROYDON TRIMMING CO. for hoods, tonneau covers and all trimming repairs. Advice gladly given on anything concerning trimming. Plastic celluloid for sisiescreens, rear Windows, etc., will not crack up. 25/per sheet 55 in. x 24 in; half sheet 12/6 post free. The Croydon Trimming Co., 101, Southbridge Road,

Croydon, Surrey. Tel.: CRO 3954. 12513 ROLLS 20, 1926. First offer over £150 secures Selling owing to marriage. 12.000 miles since £300 overhaul. 38. Hesper Mews, S.W.5, Tel. FRE 4316 12519

FOR SALE-continued blue

BENTLEY, 1935, 31litre Hooper Saloon, blue M and silver. aintained regardless of cost by Bentley agents. History available. A. one owner car in superb condition with original handbook and tools unused. £525. Seen Sundays within 150 miles Bristol. Keast, 4, Withey Close East, Westbury-on-Tryin, Bristol. 12514 (27/101-. 1934 Morris Minor as.. 2 seater, good tyrea, no hood. Tel.: POL 2883. 12516 ROLLS. 1932, P.W. 4-door Cabriolet, rebored/ new big cads 1955, brakes relined, starter. dynamo overhauled, new battery, good tyres, imposing body sound throughout, mascot, bulb born, discs, heater, 20 rap g., photo. Exchange 31 Bentley. OP./Capt. Althorn, R.A.F., Medmenham, Bucks, 12517 ROLLS ROYCE, 1927, 21.6 H.P. Sedanca de Ville by Barker. ChaSsis 0M7. Finished grey, with black wings and hood (leather). Original manual and tools. This is a thoroughbred carriage in really excellent original condition, plus a heater, Bills for over £200 available to prove condition. Photo gladly sent. Sole reason for sale-owner purchased later model. £245 or offer to good home. Berry, 12, Talbot Avenue, Edgerton, Huddersfield, Tel.: 2390, (2518 ROESCH TALBOT 105 Vanden Phis Tourer. Good in all respects. £160. Particulars from Dixon, 76, Holmesdale Road, Teddington, Tel.: Kingston 2564. (2520

ALVIS SPEED 20, 1934 and Bugatti Type 40. 1928, dismantling, Body for Atuileer 2 str. pointed tail. Morris 12/4 engine and gearbox. 1934, Deloge 1)8 engine and gearbox. Various Rolls and Bentley magnetos and carbs. 3 curbs, and manifold, Alvis 4.3. 3 carbs, and manifoldAustin Princess, 1 Standard V8 21 litre engine and gearbox, Ace Motors Co., Adam & Eve Mews. W.8, Tel.: WES 5691. (2521 RILEY FALCON 12/4. July, 1937. F.xcellent condition throughout. £190. 54, Rosehi II Avenue, Sutton. Tel.: Fairlands 5724. 12522 VOLKSWAGEN. Reconditioned throughout, ineluding:respray in strato blue metalichrOmc; reconditioned engine and gearbox with two carburetters; new bumpers and hub caps; Chronic window frames; reupholstered; five

new tyres. £365. Tel.: THO 2160. 12523 ALVIS 12/70, 1938, Sports Saloon. Excellent condition. £195. Only reason for sale: have 1939 model. 35, Tuckton Road, Bournemouth. Tel.: Southbourne 48040 12526

FOR SALE-continued

WHEELS. 16 in. knock-raw. 4 specially built

lightweight for racing. M .G. / Kiley . Fitted virtually unused Racing Dunlops, balanced. Cost £53. Offers? Lancia 1940 engine. 905 c.c., all accessories, £25. Box No, T524, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.I. 12524 1938 ALVIS 12/70 Saloon, green. Fairly good condition throughout. Cruise at 60. Reluctant sale, owner going abroad. £150. Luke, 91, Llwydarth Road, Maesteg, Glam. (2527 RILEY 9 MONACO, 1934, manual gearbox. New camshafts, valves, guides, starter ring. Solex carburetter, universal joint, crown wheel and pinion. Dynamo, starter reconditioned. Appearance good. £80. Millar, III, Ferry Road, Dundee. Tel.: 84375. 12528

FOR SALE-continued

TYPE 45 B.M.W. SPARES. Hirth gearbos. £18/10; cylinder head. 7.4:1 cr., £7/10. rocker gear, hard chrome shaft and stellited tips, as new, £10; Bristol oil pump, £4; radiator, £5: complete bottom half reground and dynamically balanced (Laystall’s) crank. shaft, new racing metal and big ends, new little ends and piston rings, Layman Chromard liners, complete with balanced clutch plate and flywheel. Offers. write to Collyn lame* Rivers, 63, Linden Crescent, St. Albans, Herta 12524 1928 ALVIS 12/50 T.O. Saloon, good runner Tel.: SR_ 3843, evenings preferably. 12531 FORD TEN engined P.A. M.G.. Red. 2.seater Sports. £150. 0.n o. Barry Curtis. 257a, Croydon Road, Beckenham, Kent. Tel.: 131-A

1000. 12531 1949 VOLKSWAGEN. black, in excellent condi tion bodily and mechanically. £275. Tel. WEM 3892. 12532 DESIRABLE CHARIOT with finest exhaust note in Sussex. Female Hornet Special, answering to name Borborigmus ” (rumblings abdomj nal), property of impecunious medical student (WI-I…..), whose hank manager is unwilling to keep us both in the manner to which we art accustomed. Circa £300 spent over 2 years Bills. £140. Tel.: Newhaven 160, or Sloane 4895. evenings. (2533 TALBOT 105, 1933, racing chassis. Black Saloon. Min roof, spots, etc., fast, sound. photos on request. Best offer. Box No. T534, Mount. SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.1 (2534 ASTON MARTIN. Le Mans, fitted with VII engine. Chassis, etc., sound, interior shabby £120 o.n.o. Also 2 litre engine and gearbox and spares, excellent condition. £120 o.n.o Wakefield. Milton Lodge. Iver, Tel.: Iver 2$0 12535

ROLLS WHEELS complete with tyres and tubes. 32×45. Good condition, full set, Cheap. Clough, Plant Farm, Holcombe, Near Bury. (2536 VOLKSWAGEN ENGINE complete with aCcesSorieS (no starter). £20. Tel. : Wernble 3882. (2547

M.G.A. HARD TOPS, Universal Laminations Ltd.; Austin-Healey bard tops, Universal Laminations Ltd.; TR2 hard tops, Universal Laminations Ltd.; TR3 hard tops, Universal Laminations Ltd.; X K120 and 140 bard tops, Universal Laminations Ltd., 68, Holland Park Mews, London, W.11. Tel. : Park 4310. (2648

FOR SALE—continued

MARTIN FIBREGLASS aerodynamic body Ford Special, professionally built and trimmed November, 1955. New chassis, engine, brakes, special radiator, hood, (Mors, sidescreens, Dunlopillo seats, full weather protection. 75 m.p.h., 40 m.p.g. untuncd. Performance with economy. 4400, o.n.o. Might exchange 8/10 saloon. 225, Rochester Way, S.F-.3. (2741

TWO JAGUARS. 1937 and 1939. Grey and black. £110 and 4210. Beth in perfect running order and excellent bodies. Any trial or inspection. Private sale. Burrows, 75, Green Street, High Wycombe, Bucks. [2743 1929 ROLLS-ROYCE TWENTY tourer. Grey. Very good throughout and one of the finest examples of this desirable model in the country. 1275, o.n.o. Western Motor Works (Chislehurst) Ltd. Tel. : FOOtseray 1122. [2744 1934 WOLSELEY HORNET SPECIAL Continental coupe. Above average. Everything working. Taxed. Any trial. (50. Streatham 3129. (2745 1934 SUNBEAM DAWN 12-h.p. saloon in very good condition. Superb interior. Three owners since new. 25 m.p.g. £59. Tel. Pollards 2883, [2748 LA SALLE DROPHEAD coupe with dickey, 1029. Two owners only. Very goal order. 1,55. Also Hispano-Suiza, 1924, with aluminium sedanca•de-ville body about 1036. A beautiful car. £200. Box No. W747, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. 12747 TA M.G., 1939. Dismantling, complete car. Corn. ponents in superb condition. S.A.E., or Tel. : Peterborough 3333. 42, Park-Road, Peterborough. (2748 12435. HEALEY ELLIOT saloon. 13-type chassis. Ivory and maroon with maroon interior. Superb condition throughout. Dockett Cottage, Towpath, Shepperton-on-Tbarnes. Tel. : WaltOn 1790. [2749 1938, M.G. VA le-litre tourer. Excellent condition. Recent work includes : Specialist reconditioned engine (2,000 miles since). New battery and rear shockers. Fine performance, yet economical. Necessary acquisition of new -Saloon forces sale. (195, o.n.o. Davies, 27, Wellington Road, Taunton. (2750 ALVIS TJ 12/50 wide 2-seater, 1931. New battery, brakes, clutch, hood. Tyres, body good; net mutilated. Many spares including twin S.U.s. Taxed, insured. Reason—growing son, growing alsatian I £100. o n.o. Dr. Day, 18. Wedderburn Road, N W.3. Tel. : Hampstead 7282. [2751

DISMANTLING :1937 WOlseley 14, 1037 WO1SzleY 25, 1939 Wolseley 12, 1938 Austin Ruby, 1937 Austin 16, 1968 Morris 14, 1939 Morris 12, 1936 Standard 9, 1967 Standard 14, 1939 Renault 12 and 18, 1985 Jowett 7, 1036 Jowett 10, 1939 Dolomite 16, 19216 Singer 9, 1930 Alvis 12, 1932 Triumph 8, 1937 Vauxhall 14, 1937 M.G. 2-litre, 19e35 Lanchester 10, 1924 Silver Ghost, 1936 Rover 14, 1937 Graham, Chrysler Airflow, 1938 Buick, 1940 Packard coupe. 200 others. Evans, Dismantlers, 45, Elizabeth Street, Manchester S. Tel. : BLAckfriars 2949. [2752 151$9. VERY POTENT A.C. Six sports 2-seater. Good hood, any trial. W. II. Barnes, lc, Venner

Road, Sydenham. Tel. : 7460. (2753 4529. AUSTIN SEVEN saloon. Original condition, good tyres, taxed. Genuine 40 m.p.g. W. H. Barnes, lc, Venner Road. Sydenhana. Tel. : 7469. [2754 PAIR OCCASIONAL tip-up seats, Bedford cord. Clean. 45. W. H. Barnes, lc, Venner Road. Sydenham. Tel. : 7469(2754A

ALVIS SALOON, 1933, Firefly. Recent engine overhaul, new tyres and battery, Spare gearbox, etc. Body resprayed. Present owner 18 years. C95. Thorneywork, Hook Norton (Tel. : 282). near Banbury. (2755 CYCLE WINGS &tried and beaded, 5 in., 6 in., 7-in, wide, steel; fronts, 10s. 6d. each; rears, 13s. each; Carriage and packing : pairs, 4s.; sets, 55. tkl. Also alloy W. G. Ferguson, Bath Road Garage, Nailsworth, Glos. 12750 1934 BENTLEY PARK WARD saloon, original condition, blue leather. (395. 1934 Bentley Vanden Plas tourer. Full history available. Ile ent extensive overhaul by Bentleys. Eggshell blue, brown leather. Heater and radio. Unique car. £425. Menden Car Sales Ltd.. 313/315, Blackfen Road, Sidcup, Kent. let. : Ilexleyheath 8788 [2757

FORD TEN RADIATOR, remote control; pair Luvacks, steering wheel. Good condition. Ill. Wood, Sunnyside, Tatworth, Somerset. 12758 1922 MODEL-T FORD TUDOR sedan. Restored to original throughout. Perfect bodily and mechanically. 5 new tyres, new battery. C150, or offer. March. “Brown Lion.” Llaninaes, Liantwit Major, Glam. Tel. : LlantWit 162. (2759 ).P1G PLUG and pistons, new. 420. Ford wheels, gearbox spares. Jepson. Low 13enthant, ancaster. (2781 POTENT AUSTIN SEVEN Special, high compression head. S. U. earb. and pump, light flywheel, Cambridge manifold and remote control on 4-speed gearbox. 500 by 10 rear wheels. etc. New battery £60. Many older type spares, including complete lowered chassis. S.A.E. for details and photos. 611, Tonbridge Road. Maid stone, Kent. Tel. : Maidstone 86411. [2765

FOR SALE—continued

LAGONDA RAPIER 4-seater tourer, black, green wheels and upholstery. 1,104 c.c. twincam engine, KEW) valves, twin S.U. carburetters, B.T.H. magneto, (Ailing brakes, E.N.V. gearbox, aluminium body by Abbott. Sleeved engine. Resprayed, brakes relined, new king-pins and bushes, new clutch springs, all within the last 1,000 miles. New hood and sidescreens. Property of one of our directors, who regretfully must purchase saloon. Nearest £150., Birmingham

14. Tel. : SlAYpole 2088.

SPORTS RILEY, 1951. Engine reconditiofr2n7:4:1) 1. New tyres, tubular chassis, Loci:heeds-, torsion rear. All weather. Immaculate. Nearest (300. Tel. : Southend-on-Sea 44255. [2766 ASTON MARTIN Mk.11 1…C. 4-seater. Exc7e6p6tional performance and roadhokling. Powerful brakes. Good all-round condition. 4260. Searles, 91, Nodes Drive, Stevenage. (2707 DISMANTLING. 1935 B.S.A. 8.9-h,p. 3-wheeler; 1931 Singer 7-h.p.; 1935 Armstrong•Siddeley 14-h.p.; Ford V8 30-1i.p.; Morris 8 and 10 with Lockheed aleed5. brakes. Mayhew. Tel. : Hallway I(2788 LAGONDA 3-LITRE touring saloon, 1932. Used daily. Nearest £65. 144, Kineton Green Road, Piton, Birmingham. (2769 1929 SUNBEAM 20.9 James Young drophead foursome. New hood, servo brakes, very line vintage motor. (65, or usual haggle. 310, Richmond Road, East Twickenham. Tel. : Popes

grove 1888. [2770 RILEY MERLIN, 1930,14-litre 12/4 saloon. Preselector. Excellent condition. OM Box No. W771, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [2771 MORRIS MINOR. 1948-51. Used. Undamaged, cylinder block U.S.H.M. Type 2. Tel.: BUCkhurst 4640. M.G. J2 black 2-seater. New hood, 2 carbs., brakes and steering overhauled. In perfect order. Owner overseas in H.M. Forces. Best offer accepted. 23, Hartley Down, Purley, Surrey. Tel. : Uplands

3590 for appointment to call and see. 2773 TALBOT DARRACQ, 1929, 21-h.p. coupe in good condition for which any reasonable offer will be accepted owing to recent purchase of 4.3 Alyis.

Tel. : Einem 9738. (2774 FORD JEEP (Reg. 1947). Recently overhauled.

4110, o.n.o. Tel. : Epsom 5738. (2774A ASTON MARTIN, Oct., 1937, 2-litre D/H coupe, black and red. 1.ow oil pressure, but otherwise in excellent condition. Must sell. 4185, or [off775. Tel. : Park 8957. 2 MERCEDES ENTHUSIAST selling either of his two 4-seater coupes. equally fine condition; either a unique Type 130, rear engine, 13-lip.(virtually a water-cooled Volkswagen) for £i IS, or a lovely Type 170, 14-h.p., fitted he. head and new Vyanide hood. £185. (London/. Box No. W770, Ntorort SPORT, 15, City Road, E47:7.16. Tel. : Riverside 9001 (after 5 p.m.)

JENSEN, 1937 SPORTS saloon, aluminium 4-door body; terrific performance and sporty lines; mechanically excellent, body needs sparetime attention, reconditioned and tuned V8 engine. 175, or exchange 8/10-h.p. (London.) Box No. W777, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

FORD COUNTRY SEDAN 9-seater—blue (2w7i7th7 all equiprnent—aS new-1,800 miles. Price 11,900. Available for delivery at Cbasside Motor Co. Ltd., 620, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, Middlesex. TYPE SO BUGATTI—rebuilt as new to original t7

27 specification as in Bugatti book. 4,840-c.c. engine develops 200 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. with Roots supercharger. Performance 1st, 47; 2nd 28; top 120 m.p.h. Green, 2.seater bodywith new hood and side-screens. incredible performance. Available for delivery at Chaseside Motor Co Ltd., 620, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, Middlesex. (2779 RILEY KESTREL, 1937, 15/6 6-light saloon. Considered by many best model Riley produced. Engine Smooth and quiet with good oil pressure and low consumption. Very good body. Family reason for sale. C225. Exchange considered. Todd, 27, Couchinere Avenue, Esher. Tel. : Emberbrook 4983. (2780

ALVIS 12/70 SPORTS SALOON, 1039. Fast, eramornical thoroughbred. Mechanically excellent. Body reasonable. 000 spent. (223. 43, Satanita Road, Westeliff.ou-Sea. (2 PACKARD ULTRANIA’TIC SALOON, fitted

1 radio, heater, pillar lamp, hydraulic aerial. Really perfect throughout. Hire purchase can be arranged. Webb Bros. (Engineers) Ltd., Fighting Cocks, Wolverhampton. Tel. : 36729. 127s2 1936, MODEL FN/B.M.W. saloon 2-litre. 117:2 rgain. 005. 1933 Morris Eight, less c.w. & p., starter and dynamo. (18. De Luxe P1095, reehromed. 10. 9, Dulyerton Avenue, Coventry. RILEY. 1934. Rebuilt 300 mites ago. lif= reground, new bearings, camshafts, valves, timing, etc., gearbox, transmission overhauled. new c. & p. and bearings. Complete bodyfratne, mudguards, paint, etc. (130. Barnard, 3, Ashworth Avenue, Flixton, near Manchester. 12785

FOR SALE—continued

1933 LAGONDA 16/80 SALOON. Professionally maintained since 1948. Almost perfect. (165. Box No. W784, Moroa SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (2784 TWO SHORT CHASSIS Le Mans_ Aston Martin 2/4-seaters. Both mechanically very quiet. Fitted new jets and needles. ‘Giving 30 m.p.g. Excellent brakes, batteries, bodywork, etc. Full weather equipment. One black -and dark green. Both immaculate. Taxed. 1260, or near, for either, consider exchange. Breen, 83, Snow

don ‘Road, Eccles, Lancs. Tel. : 1027. (2786 ALVIS 12/50. ’31 tourer, 28.000 since engine rebuilt. Good hood, screens, tyres, paint. No major expenses foreseen. £120, ‘o.n.o. Available sad March. London. Box No. W787, MOTOR SPORT. IS, city Road, E.C.1. (2787 LAGONDA, 1934, 4e-litre. Complete but rough. £50, or would sell in bits. V12 Lagonda engine. dismantled. 130 the lot. Kaye, ‘ Rosedene,” York Road, Whintnoor, Leeds. Tel. : 647202. (2788BENTLEY 4I-LITRE 2-seater. Blower, crank, highly tuned, 3 S.U.s, 3-litre Red Label -short chassis, hydraulic brakes, shtick-absorbers, 110 20 m.p.g.; 1)-type gearbox, rebuilt 1950. by A. Pitts. Finished ‘3rd Itala Trophy 1954. Cheap for quick:sale, exchange considered. Box No. W789, McirOa Setter, 15, City goad, E.C.1. [2789 FIAT 1,100, resprayed, recent rebrire. Good throughout. Seen Southampton weekends. Sims, Churchill Arms, West Lavington, Devises. (2791 TWO-SEATER SPECIAL, weatherproof, road equipped. Details, photo. 51. Prospect Terrace, Aberdeen. [279.3 INVICTA 1I-LITRE, 1934, tourer. Very special 8 : 1 comp. engine. Subject T.O.S.C. 246, Autocar 23/3/45. Price 1150. Another similar, mechanically sound, needing ‘battery, hood and attention to body. £45. or hest offer the two. Seen Twicken ham. Tel. : POP 1210. (2799

RILEY USED PARTS, 1928-38. Engines, saloons.

Chili Parlour, By-pass, Hatfield, Herts. [2800 ONE OF THE LAST 540K. Mercedes-Benz..

First registered 1946. 13-type Cabriolet. Engine and gearbox completely overhauled. Perfect condition. £750, 0.0.0. 13.E.C., 56, Burlington Road, New Malden, Surrey. Tel. : Malden 5245. (2801

FORD 30-H.P., 1935-6. All parts to clear. Offers. Marvey, 84, WeStruinster 13ridge Road, S.E.I. Tel.: WAT 3239. [2802 CITROEN LIGHT FIFTEEN, 1948. French. Breaking. 6-volt electric’s. State requirements, s.a.e. please. Carroll, 78, Dorset Avenue, Chelms ford. (2808 ALFA-ROMEO, 1936. d.h.e. 8-cylinder, 2.3-litre supercharged 2e-seater, £650, unmodified, in excellent condition. Also 1936 2-seater cl.h.c. 6-cylinder 1,750se.c, supercharged, long chassis. i200. Lord Ridley, Blagden, Seaton Bum, Northumber land. [2804 1929 SPEED SIX Windover saloon. First-rate mechanical condition, just rebored, new pistons, new radiator, three brand new tyres. Very roomy and comfortable coachwork in excellent condition; photograph in Motors SPORT, January, 1056. 4325, or Offer. Quicke, Newton St. Cyres, Exeter. (2805 VAUXHALL FOURTEEN, 1938, Wingham 4-door drophead, new hood. £110, or near. Tel. : BYROn 1994. [2306 ONE SET HARTFORD tele-control shock absorbers, less one gauge. Nearly new. £10. Two 450 by 21, one 525 by 21 Dunlop covers. All very good. 13 10s. each. Bland, 27, Southfields Road, S.W.18. Tel. : Vandyke 1612. 12807 RILEY 12/6. 1634, block, bore standard. What offers ? Box No. W808, Moron Seam 15, City Road, E.C.1. [2808 RILEY FALCON. Stored 13 years: Very good allround condition. £80. Tel.: Sunbury 2890. (2815 TC, 1949. Sleek. Engine rebored, steering and gearbox overhauled, new hood. Bodywork very good. Excellent performance, 30 m.p.g. .130. Barlow, 40, Innage.Road, Birmingham 31. (2818 1939 LANCIA APRILIA Farina drophead Coupe, in outstanding nieehanical condi lion. 4295. Engines Reconditioned Ltd. 333, Pinner Road, Harrow, Middlesex. Tel.: HA R 1209. (2817 MERCEDES-BENZ, 1939, 13.4-11.1′. 4-door Saloon. Condition mechanically good, bodywork and upholstery immaculate. New-type headlamps and modern front, good tyres. Norwood Garage, Ash ford. Kent. Tel. : Ash ford 420. 12818 HIMALAYAN JOURNEY forces sale 1925, 12.1i.p. Star tourer. Complete spare chassis ill good order. 440 or near offer. Walker, 12. Adams RQW; London, W. I. Tea : GrOSvetior 2157. (2819 BS4 BRISTOL engine, highly tuned, with brandnew gearbox, hydraiilie clutch, Deleo ignition. Ready for immediate installation in suitable sports/racing car. 4330 or near offer. Truman, (II a, Mansfield Road, Nottingham. [2820 M.G. TC. 1949. Red, will, beige trim. Enable overhauled. 12emarkably tine condition throughout. 1370. Terms, exehanges. Cyril Johnson Automobiles, 61, Lancaster Mews, W.2. Tel.: PAD 5948. (2822

FOR SALE—continued

G.N. BEVEL BOX, 1;8: rear axle, 50S.: Pair 19-1n. Morgan front wheels With stub axles, a; special radiator, 61; Frazer-Nash hydraulic brakes, rear; ex Triumph, £6; R.A.F. flying jacket, (4. Teague, 1, Rosemont Road; Richmond. ‘rel.: RIC 0495. P2.821. RILEY NINE KESTREL, 1934. Cream and black. Good order throughout. £100. Exchanges. Cyril Johnson Automobiles, 61, Lancaster Mews, W.2. Tel.: PA la 594S. (2823 JAGUAR 14-LITRE, 1940. Itlac.k, with red trim. Exceptional specimen. st235. Terms, exchanges. Cyril Johnson Autoinobiles, 61, Lancaster Mews, V.2. Tel.: PAD 5948. (2i324 ROLLS-ROYCE 24-H.P. 7-Seat limousine, good runner; bargain, E100, or will break at right priees. Clearance of 20-h.p. spares of all descriptions. S.A.E. for full list to 1,arfield House, Blagreaves Lane, Littleo.ver, Derby. Tel.: 48819. 12325 QUALIFY FOR VINTAGE. 19:30 Austin Heavy Twelve tourer. Unwearoutable. Much done, including new hood, sicliereens. battery. Faults honestly disclosed. £50. Spring, Lower Farm, Baglser, Sturfninster Newton. Dorset. 12820 DELAGE D6, 1932: 2.0. fixed-head coupe. Good condition, two owners, and 67,000 miles since new. Over two tons of expensive motor car, £120, 0.0.0. Miller, 30, Hornton Street, W.8. Tel,: Western 7747. .(2827 HORNET SPECIAL EU’ saloon, 1035. Aluminium body. S.R. recond. engine. Three new tVres. Taxed Dec., insured Sept. 4120 all-in, Francis, Comeanthorpe, York. (Tel.: 6608l3). (2028 RILEY BROOKLANDS. Rebuilt late ’55. Fitted ’38 Sprite engine. Preseleetor hex. New rear wheels, tyres. Alloy body. (225, o.n.o. Lewis, 4, Dingle Vale, Liverpool 8. (2:820 SINGER LE MANS coupe, new carburetters, etc., 00. Part-exchange Open sports, Frazer-Nash, 14ord Special, etc: Exeter Inn, Okehampton. (2830 ’33 RILEY MONACO, capable 75 m.0.11., enlarge.; ports, twin S.U., high c.r., exhaust cam, lightened flywheel, rebalanced crank. resprayed, good tyres, brakes, batteries. (75, o.n.o. 23, Howard Road, Smith Norwood, 6$ COPIES MOTOR Sewer, 1950 onwards. What offers J. E. Elliott, ” Lindley,” SaliSbury Road Farnbortaigh, Hants. [2832 E55, O.N.O., for vintage Austin 12/4 saloon, 1928. Body and interior are in immaculate condition. Brass radiator ancl lamps put the finishing teach to ‘a fine appearance. The mechanical condition is truly outstanding. Bills for £40 can be shown. Isive very good tyres, new batteries; taxed and insured. For viewing—Tel.: LIV 3703. (2834 20198 DARRACQ saloon, Show model 1927. rescued from breaking. Basically sound’ and complete. Modest price to good home. Coates, Hill Earm, Swine, near Hull. , (2835 FIAT 1,100, Model 508C, sun.roof saloon. Engine Laystall balanced and Derrington tuned. New Internals in back axle. Two new tyres. (200. Bristow, ” Scatield,” Edward Road West, Cleve

don, Somerset. Tel.: Clevedon 2652. 12837 RILEY IMP, 1935. Bodywork excellent, resprayed dark red, rewired throughout, brakes.relined, tyres good, 16-in. rear wheels. Engine very potent after summer rebuild. New Merlin crank, ressleeved standard, h.c. pistons, racing cants, 4-branch exhaust, double valve springs, Scintilla meg., locked clutub, overhauled close-ratio E.N.V. Spares include dismantled but almost complete engine, E.N.V. box unused Since overhaul, large. bore S.U.s, etc. All this to highest bid around (280. Limo, Heatherfield Hotel, Knutsford. Tel. 428. M.G. PA, 1935, breaking for excellent spE238a8res. Crash after complete rebuild. Bates, 67, Rock

Road, Cambridge, (2839 M.G. NA MAGNETTE, 1934, 4-seater, blue. New hood, carburetters, starter motor. 10,000 miles Since rebore and crankshaft regraund. (100. 75, High Street, Northchurch. Berkharnsted, Herts. (2840 S.S. AVON SPECIAL 16-b.p. chassis or sell engine (reconditioned), gearbox, etc., separately. ‘Iwo new tyres. Steele, 40, East Ttiornlie Street, Wishaw, Lanarkshire. Tel.: Wishaw 1073.

VINTAGE AVELING-PORTER steam traleTio41111 engine, Working condition, i40. 1027 Lea-Erancis tourer, rebuilt. 16/60 engine, many spares, !So. Austin Seven Special, ideal further develop:::, £35. Also 1032aaloon, £20, 0…N./Offers. Isos N. W8-I2′ Warne ‘Semis, 15, City Road,, (2,342

FORD 8-111.P. chassis e/w. reconditioned engine, overhauled gearbox, rear axle and front axle, c/w. dynamo, starter, distributor and numerous spares. (40, o.n.e. Gregory, Ware/it:1(S, Sherlerk Row. near !Seeding.

STANDARD RECONDITIONED ENGIN Es. exchange or sale. New water pumps, 12/16.),.1. cylinder heads. Shell bearings for Morris S110; Wolseley Ten: MG. 11-h.p.: ’15,s. set. • B.C. and niaina. Bartlett, 54, Tatnworth Park. Mitcham. Tel.: 2859. (2845 1929 M.G. M Midget. Upholatery, hood, bat tet neW. Engine, tyres, excellent. Seal. 33. Er.,, peth Avenue, Neweaatle.upon-Tyile. iS

FOR SALE—continued

ROLLS-ROYCE P. L 1928, shooting-brake. Sound, reliable. Almost flew body, crust (300. Clean, attractive lines. Moved house, no garage Space. Accept (100. Tel.: Marlow (Bucks) 785, before 9,30 or e.veninga. (2848 FRAZER-NASH, 1937 SHELSLEY 2-seater, n.b.c. Gough engine. In exceptionally good condition throughout. Ni, sensible offer .refused. Cresswell, 194, %Veils Road, Malvern Wells. (2848 BRISTOL, 1949 Model 400/85 sports saloon. Black, with pigskin upholstery. First-class order throngb. out, looks new, excellent history. ILM.V. Radiomobile, heater, three new Michelins, twin Mar. chals. Taxed year. (605, or consider exchange, cash adjustment. Courtney. :37, Parkside Drive, Edgware, Middlesex. Tel.: SW 7073. [2849 TRIUMPH, 1939140, blank sports saloon. Excellent condition. Well maintained. £200, o.n.o. Inspection invited. Tel.: MAR 2759. or write : 21, Somerton Avenue, Westcliff.on.ea. (2850 ,ALV1S CRESTED EAGLE shooting-brake. Built, re•regisLer ec I I;;:;; tri.p.g.; resleeVed; seat,-r; 15 swi.; ash body. (125. 4.3 Alvin. spares, except engine. Green, 23, Pinetrce Avenue, Leicester. (2851 1937/8 M.G. VA tourer, green. 1937 NA Magnette 21scater, red and black. Tel.: Winscombe 3303. (2852 M.G. TD. New engine 1055. Two-tone green. Immaculate condition. Redo,, rte. (45).5, Tel.:

PAL 7600. 128511 RILEY MONACO, 1932. Excellent onglne, over. sized valves. Immaculate paietwork, Interior. New batteries. Reconditioned dynamo. Good tyres. Taxed, ‘insured. rseoucany and reliability for £115. 91, Harwich Road, Lawford, Manning. tree, Essex. Tel.: Ardleigh 429. 13854 SALMSON, 1936, 12-M.P., attractive grey and In drophead. 030 or offer. BOX NO. W855, I OH Sewer, 15, City. Road. E.C.I. (2856 1.172-C.C. SUPERCHARGED 2-seater sports. Very attractive alloy aerodynairiie body, red. Many extras, including radio, heater, twin Marshals. Full weather equipment. (370, o.n.o. 63, Butts Hill Road. Woodley, Reading. 12858 1927 ANIANI FRA7ER-NASH, 660. 12-in. front brakes, bronze head, 4-speed. Bargain 14, 1.1wytifedw Road, Whitchureh, Cardiff. (2857 1935 FRA• ER-NASH-B.M.W. cabriolet, £75. Dawson, 35, Nevem Square, S.W.5. Tel.: Fre

mantle 0738, evenings. 058 ” BULLINOSE ” COWLEY. 1923. Engine rebored. new mains, big-ends, radiator; brakes relined; four excellent tyres. Partially dismantled. Offers. Tel: GI.A 5215. (2850 SEPT., 1949, EXPORT mMiel Lea,Francis 2/4.seater. 1,000 since (125 engine rebuild. .90 m.p.h., 25 m.p.g. Clean. New hood(425. Exchange SIT. 90, Morgan, BEG., Triumph, or ? Brown, 12, New Street, Sheerness. (2860 A.C. ACE 2-LITRE cirephead, 1934. Preselecter. Sound mechanical condition. Good acceleration and looks. Radio, washers.. (125. Blackett, 47,

Angel Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey. (2861 R limy KESTREL 12.4, 1937. Riley Invieta 12,4, 1938. Others in stock. Spares in stack, 1928 to 1938. New and secondhand replacement brake shoes, (4 10s. a set: Replacement elute!) linings and brake cables, Ste., etc. Rileys bought, any condition. Send stamped addressed envelope for replies. 11.P. terms arranged. Clarke. 168, Leo High Road, S.E.13. Tel:: Lee Green 8904.

[9867 TRIUMPH, 1937, saloian, 13.95 h.p.; five centre’ lock wheels and good tyres. Car in running order, but would sell in parts. Healey Abbott drophead coupe, F-type chassis, Aug.. 1953; colour green; radio, heater 3nd usual extras. 25031 miles •and in splendid condition-1.875. Gordon Stalworth Ltd., Somerset Road Garage, Moldgreen, Huddera. field (Tel.: 72361. (2868 ARE YOU BUILDING a ” special ” ? May we help ? Austin Sevens : lowered suspension. /3 10s., similar to Ulster type, rears dattened approx. 4 In., front spring set with On. reverse camber, beam cranked; no other modifications needed. Machined e/heads, 15s.; lightened flywheels, 10s: Enlarged inlet valve conversion (2 10s., four special inlet valves supplied; remove valves and tappets. not eturls. Send block with

head. Rectifying enlarged lip, eyes, (1; Ifs.

for saloon or ” £8.£0. Carriage extra.

Bowden Eng. Co., °Betas St. Mary, Devon. Tel.: 391. (2869 1934 TALBOT 75. Very good mesh:lineal condition 60(1 battery. new tyres awl reconditioned dynetumor. Insu red. 180, ism.. TO. : Godalraing 1538. (2571 GRAND CLEAROUT of Riley Nine spares. Veer nearly everything. 0, Redsietes Manor, Redhill Tel.: Burgh Heath 1220. ;2072

M.G. ’37. Good condition. (240, will haggle. B. J. Whittaker, 41, Bromley Common, IltaMaleYs Rent. Tel. R A V 3393. (2873 DISMAN’FLING MAGNA 12/70. GOod engine, gearbox. K ipii ng, liol ton-by&mined Clitheroe. BREAKING M-TYPE M.G. All spares except back axle, including slab tank. Tunaley. 77, Broad Street, Cheehain, Bucks. Tel. : 954. [2876

FOR SALE—continued

ROVER METEOR FABRIC saloon 19.8-h.p.. 1932. Stored 17 years. Original instruction manual. Probably best specimen of its kind in U.N. Connoisseurs only. 66,5. Capitol Films, 193, Wardour Street, London, W.I. Tel.: GER 8196 (evenings : WES 92271. [2549 BEST OFFER, however ridiculous, gets virtually brand new special; lovingly built at cost of over 4400, carrying over f, 1 11 new parts. Stored, never used. Beautiful coach-built aluminium tourer body on ’35 SS 21-litre chassis. Only fault radjbon. ugly. Details and mystery explained on request. Also for miniature-car builders. New 15(8e.c. Villiers 2-strokes with gearboxes and lighting coils. Box No. W550, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [2550

VOLKSWAGEN, 1956, SERIES De Luxe 2;500, as brand new; taxed. 4675. Also 1055 Be Lune 8.00(1. 4625. 21). Pine Tree Avenue, Leicester.

Tel. : msg. (2551 1926 LEA-FRANCIS 10-h.p. 2-seater tourer, New hood. Reconditioned radiator. No oil, 34 m.p.g. Taxed March. Transmission worn. 465, o.n.o. Tel. : V1( 3536. [2552 232 10s. A.C., 1935, Greyhound saloon, ” knock on’s.” Requires some detail attention. Job

away forces sale. Break, or other proposition. Tel. : Western 3901, or 50, Walton Street, Oxford. Tel. : 5607m. [2553 O.H.V. AERO-MORGAN in perfect condition. Any trial. Must sell. Box No. W554, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [2554 RADIATOR FOR 44 vintage Bentley. Perfect condition. 410. Miss McCooey, 121, Mount

Pleasant, Liverpool. Tel. : ROY 8500. [2555 RILEY KESTREL NINE, 1934. Recent engine Overhaul. Manual gearbox, Scintilla, twin S.U.s. 1110. Rea, Tel. : HAMpstead 7708. [2558 SS2 10-11.P. ENGINE and gearbox unit. One con-rod poking through crankcase. 415. ” Chearia Lea.” Flamm Cut, Weybridge. [2559 FRAZER-NASH B.M.W. 329 cabriolet, converted 2 LS hydraulics, Type 55 engine. 060. Wedding bells more attractive than exhaust note I Details from Triggs, Sundown, Manor Avenue, Crewe, Cheshire. [2560 RILEY 14-LITRE, 1930. Engine just overhauled, preselector needs attention, tyres good, body needs some repairs. 460. Thompson, Cundells, Underbarrow, near Kendal. Tel. : Crosthwaite 216. [2561 FIAT 500 SPARES. C.W.P., 01; pair front wings, ; track rod, 10s.; petrol’ tank, I5s.; steering box, 43. S.A.E., Clampin, 80, Argent Street, Grays, Essex. [2563

FOR SALE—continued

PAIR P100 HEADLAMPS. Large, dip. /35. Box No. W564, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [2564 REAR AXLE. 12 M.G. complete with brakes, axle, shafts and hubs. 412, o.n.o. Whitcher, East End, East Woodhay, Newbury, Berks. [2565 SELL OR EXCHANGE Morris 10/6 Special. Polished aluminium body, reconditioned engine. Exchange for 4seater Aston Martin or similar. Must have outside exhaust and outside handbrake. Wardle, Cuttholme Farm, Ashgate Road, Chesterfield. [2568 SILVER GHOST, 1921. Crankshaft assembly overhauled. 465. Statham, Bitton Road, Kevitsharn, Bristol. (2569 VINTAGE (19281 SUNBEAM 0/0 saloon. Unblemished. One careful owner 27 years. Complete history known and checked. Exceptionally well preserved. Appearance frequently commented upon by complete strangers on the road. 79,000 miles speedo reading believed genuine. Taxed; insured; quiet, lively engine; four new tyres. Inspection welcomed. Remarkable specimen for the enthusiast. 4150. Waiting to buy vintage Rolls. Wilson, 104, Holcombe Road, Holley, Surrey. Tni. : Morley 478. (2570 44-LITRE MEADOWS ENGINE for sale. Government surplus, reconditioned. R. J. Shanks & Co. Ltd., Baker Street, Weybridge, Surrey. (2574

FOR SALE—continued

FRAZER-NASH, 1936, “Chain Gang” Colrnore. Blackburne engine, good original condition. 090, o.n.o. Bailey, Flat I, ” Fiddlers Green,” Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire. [2571 SUPERCHARGER, SHORROCKS, used 6 weeks. Cost 490 complete with all fittings; 5.0. carb. Also manifold to fit 14 M.G. 435, o.n.o. Hett, 6, Corporation Oaks, Nottingham. Tel. : 66858. [2572 Z.F. DIFFERENTIAL. Complete with brackets and bearings, supplied by Coopers, Cost 490. Accept 430, 0.0.0, Belt, 6, Corporation Oaks, Nottingham. Tel. : 66858. (2573 1929 AUSTIN HEAVY 12/4 saloon. 435. Miss Griffin. Southlands, Heath Road, Hayward, Heath. 12576 RILEY KESTREL SPRITE 14-litre, 1937. Genuine sound car. 4235. Triumph Gloria Special 10.8-h.p. 2-door saloon, 1937. Exceptional at 4140. ” Lichfield,” Heim Road, I,Vhitchurch, Bristol. 4. (2576 DELLOW MK.11, 1953, red 2-seater. Untrialed, good condition, taxed year. 4350, Cooley, 84, Bexhill Road, London, S.E.4. (2570 BUGATTI TYPE 57 close-coupled 4-seater e Wonderful condition. Engine recently rebored by Bugatti spec alist. 4415. Cuff Miller & Co., Ltd., Thorncroft Garage, Ilorshatu Road, Littlehampton. [2581 6-CYL. SCINTILLA ” VERTEX ” magneto clock. Almost new, Nearest 46 Ms. 10, Park Street, Haslingden, Lanes. (2583 1934 RILEY KESTREL fitted With 1936 15/6 engine and gearbox; completely overhauled. Bills 70. Well shod. Cellulose good. interim fair; very fast. 4185. Tel. : SPEedwell 5206 12584 TRANSPORTERS. Two available entirely suitable for racing/sports cars. One converted. From 450. Details : Turner (Tel. : Guildford 67784 [2585 TWIN S.U. CARBURETTER installation. 14-in. bore type 11.V.2. Practically new, ex-S.S. Jaguar. What offers? Couchman, Sunbeam, Conyer, Teynham, Rent. (2587 S.U.s, 14 in., new, 410 pair. Bentley spares : ” A” box, brake parts, shafts. etc. 04, Danford Lane, Solihull, Birmingham. (2583

1948 ALLARD D/H/C., Silver grey, new vynide hood: bodily and mechanically faultless. 4295. 1930 Hotchkiss 10-b,p. cabriolet. Really outstanding condition in Jaguar blue, grey vynide hood; mechanically superb, very economical. /265. Elm Autosales, 68, Hartfield Road, S.W.19. Tel.; CHErrywood 1615. (2599

FOR SALE—continued

RILEY IMP, 1935. One of the finest examples Of the model in the country. Engine done 300

fitted twin AnialS and Vertex Scintilla wag Pion Purslow Motor Cycles, Shrewsbury. Tel, : 2214. SUNBEAM, 1932, 23.841.p. saloon 35,000 ir91 iles In excellent condition. Complete history known. 4150, o.n.o, 80, Hillmorton Road, Rugby. 12592

TWO NEW INDIA tyres, tube and daps. 5.25 by 6.50 by 20. Cost (22 Ss. Will sell Mr (12 12s.114. Tel. (business hours) : Slough 20712. or write B. R. Hastielt, Mill House, Sonnirtg, Berkshire. 2593 M.G. PB, 1936, 2-seater. Red. Excellent dIrOttgliOlit, New battery. good tyres. tonneau, luggage grid, screenwashers. 4210. 36, Golders Manor Drive, Brent. N . W.1 I 2594 VERY muctt ADMIRED 2-seater, timed 11-12itr9e4, slab tank, twin spares. Also pair 16 in. by 7.00 in. wheel. All new electrical equipment.. New hood, tonneau; 13 in. Lockheed% Oil 80 deg. hot. 4505. 0.11).1). 138, Gloomy Road, Barking, Essex. 12595 FORD TEN engine/gearbox. Silvertop all accessories, recently reconditioned. At bitom Gift 415. C. Richardson, 462, Hrithank Road, Nor as ich, 251441

OWING CLASH TEMPERAMENTS With prs5eli,li. driver’s wife, Huniber 10/50 saloon, debutante 1029, prepared Join new lover offering nearest to 4100. 47, WeStwOod Green, C’ookhant, Berks.

HEALEY-ELLIOTT SALOON, 1949 11e2a597 ter, washer’s. Recent niajcw engine and bocly’0,,erliwIti. 25 m.p.g., 100 m.p.h. in greatest comfort. 4500. Tel. : (lprninster (Essex) 2649.

ASTON MARTIN, 1937, 2.11tre sports saloon. 1. Very good runner, in constant use; good tyre% brakes, steering and electric& WOUICI accept C175, or exchange with Cash for Minor or similar car. All offers. considered. West, 74, Clyde. Road, London, N.15, or Tel. : ETA 7525 any time. (2000 DISMANTLING 1935 HILLMAN TEN, Oct, 1954. Reconditioned engine. new rod., late 1955, new rear springs, S/As. What .oliers for all parts? Hot, No. W601, 110tOR SPOT, 15. City Road, &CA. (2001

RILEY LYNX I {‘litre, 1936. Little used, works reconditioned engine, brakes relined, rewired. Well shod. OM o.n.o. Tel. : EREinantle 27691 gltrr S pdri. 2

VAUXHALL, 1923. 23/60 Kingston tourer. Frit2e}d f.w.b., Auster rear screen. Everything works and immaculate, New tyres all round, two spare wheels. 4175, or exchange with cash for more modern saloon. CranmOre. Avenue cottage, Blackwell, Worcs. Tel. : Hillside 17:12. TALBOT, 1932, SALOON Good condition. 05. Box No. W004, NIOTOR SPOHT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (2504 1925 BENTLEY RED LABEL open 4-seater tourer in 13.R.G. 31p1 alloy borly/eltassis. “13” box, Mag, and coil ignition. Good worker, Sound in wind and quiet in all gears. .4140, or exchange 1938;39 Ford 8/10 saloon. Farnworth Leighton Manor Farm, Cowden, Edenliridge, 1 Rent. 2605 LAGONDA RAPIER, 1435, 4•seater fixed-bead coupe. At present fitted with single carburetter manifold, twin a Yailable. Good performance with economy. 4110. The Oakfield Hotel, Wellington Road. Timperley, Cheshire. (2500

FOR SALE—continued

RILEY 111-1,1TRE FALCON saloon, 1537 (Oct.). 70.000 mlks• (.25.0 overhaul 17,000 back. Bills and history available. Excellent. 4200. Tel. : Bedford 4356. [2507 ‘TYPE 23 BUGATTI, 1927. F.W.11. chassis Part rebuilt, engine dismantled. Never rebored lint I’LC6 is it now. Oilers for whole or parts. Arnott

-litre b/ower, carburetter, pulleys, oil tank. Perfect. fl 7 1.05. 6-in, racing rev-Counter. C5. J. Winston Smith, 8, Ash ‘Street, Trawden, Colin), Lams. [2608 ROLLS-ROYCE, 1925, 40/50 limousine, by Hooper. Taxed, insured. Quite geed ciOndition. Many Spares. Best offer secures. ‘Harrison, White flouse, Earby, near Colue, Lancashlre. Tel. : BarbY 2101. 124109 M.G. MAGNE’rTE alniost R3. Engine completely overhauled, LayStallised head, balanced flywheel, reconditioned 0. N. V. box, Borg competition ‘clutch. Hydraulic brakes. NeW batteries, tyres. Excellent weather equipment, 11111 tonneau. very economical, no oil, many Spares. Ir,s,naculate. Regretfully offered owing. toOverseas d,aft. 4175, 1.t.•Cdr. Voderi, 14.M.S, Hornet,” Gost..rt. Tel. : 89160. 12(.12 1956 VOLKSWAGEN DE LUXE saloon. Polar silver. Mileage 325. As new. (4185. Sinitti’S Motors, Inivercourt. TeL : Harwich 701. 12013 1937 WOLSE,LEY 14)56 4-dour tourer. Recent bills for 4100, but still pretty tatty. Taxed .and insured. Owner posted. 465, or offer, S. A. Vialls, Officers’ Mess, Bentley Priory, Stanntore, Middlesex.. (2614 THE SPORTING MOTORIST’S AGENCY operates an information service for ” Special ” builders. In addition, all necessary parts can be supplied at lowest possible rates State requirements folly by post to : R. F. Read, 76b, Amhurst

Park, 1.0itilon, N, 16. )2615 M.G. HUBS, DIFFERENTIAL. carnshal ts, dynamo. brakes, engine spares, spring. 30, As,hwoml Avenue, Coventry. “BM 1937 U.S.A. FOUR-WHEELER; f.w.d., rebored, new Mains, cliff., hood, tyres. 45.5, or nearest offer. ‘,Anson, 40, Forrest Street, Latchford, Warrington. [2018 RILEY 2b-LITRE. black, 1949, saloon. Most carefully maintained by enthusiast. ” Airflowed bead ” by Barwell Eng. Recently fitted new rings, big.ends and battery, balanced wheels. Maximum indicated, 105 m.p.h. Moderate oil ,consumption. Enamel and chromium excellent. 4495.. Barlow, 40. lounge Road, Birmingham 31. ;2620 M.G., 193.3, .12 8/33 saloon. Body only fair. Good runner. (45. Keen, 178, 13roonlwood Road,

S.W.11. ,21121 FIAT MODEL 1.500. ” Spares ” : Rear axle virtually new with brake drums. Ignition distributor. petrol pump, gearbox gears, petrol tank, offside front Yiing, tanimit (many sula0 spares). Stiles, 153, Billing Road, Northampton. Tel. 2264. 2622 19,33 E.W. WOLSELEY HORNET Special, Immaculate condition throughout, The car Mr the enthusiast. Owner in Forces. 4150, o.n.o. Belle Vue Garage. Whitegate Drive, Blackpool.

(‘2523 ROESCH TALBO’T 105 saloon, 14133Resprayed, new carpets. batteries, sleeved, etc., last 18 months. 85 m.p.h., 22 rn.p,g. 4135, o.n.o. Smith. Tel. : Anstey 2295 (near Leics.). [2624

FOR SALE—continued

RILEY NINE SPECIAL, 1933, chassis,

lands body. Engine rebuilt 3,000 miles, new crankshaft, rods, tappets. Enlarged inlet ports, double valve springs, 7.75/I piSt.lilti, LWilm 5.0.5, 4.branch exhaust, high-lift inlet camshaft, lightened flywheel. Excellent tyres. 34 m.p.g. Many spares. 4155 Sullivan. Haxlerigg Hall, Loughborough, Leics. 2625

BENTLEY FABRIC SALOON. Oil moots:sure, couipressions. Overall mechanical condition excellent. New radiator cote, battery, Triplex, brake linings; tyres recently fitted. Body sound, comfortable, weatherproof. 4195. Mulholland. 1, Portugal Street, Canibridge, )2628 DISMANTLING. FOR SPARES. Jaguar 2fra 11137, Radical 28, 1038, Morris Eight, Ford Eight, Austin Sixteen, Aostin ‘Twelve, Rover Teti, 193.3, Singer Eleven, 1935, WolSeley Sixteen. 1937, Vauxhall Fourteens end Twenty, 1937. Tyres, batteries, spot/amps, car radios Spares : ears, vans, lorries. R. 0. (13016 Donald, Empire•Garage, 148, Machon Bank, Sheffield 7. Tel. 53996. Special this issue : RollsRoyce 20.11.p. limousine 1928. Very clean, sound, taxed. 005. )2921 REAR AXLE COMPLETE. Mt.. 2i-litre. 416. GeArboxe, Buick 30-h.p., Standard Fourteen from C10. R. G. (pob) Donald, Empire Garage, 148, Alachon Bank, Sheffield 7. le). : 53996. f2628 SEVERAL CHEAP OLD CARS from 420 in minima order, but only just: Terms half deposit, per week. R.G. Mob) Donald, Empire Garage, 148, Machon Batik, Sheffield 7. ‘tel. : 53996. 12629 HANDBOOKS-, WOFOISLIOP MANUALS. List, sixpence: enquiries, stamp. Cat alOgIle 500 motoring liookS. ninepence. Gray, Htirstpierpoint, Sussex. )2030 MORGAN PLUS FOUR 2-seater. First registered January 1954. 7,000 miles only. First-class condition throughout. Mechanically perfect. 4480, or exchange good Series Ill Jowett tavelln. Box No. W031, MOTOWSVORT. let, City IZORA, 12031 VETERAN 1915 WAVERLEY lass 1910 engine. Correct .engine with car needs hitting. 630, or Would exchange for a pre-11117 T Ford tourer. Wanted: pre•l905 twin cylinder engine, 10/12-11.p. Davis. Patteraien, Burgess Hill Tel. : Burgess Hill 3420, evenings: 2038. 12032 740 BY 140S new tyro. 6, Orchard Street, Falkirk, Stirlingshire. 1’2633 VOLKSWAGEN, 1953, in perfect e011(11t ion. Offers or exchange sports-car. 5, Orchard Street, Falkirk, Stirlingshire. 2t.133s ’32 7s1.G. ” Cuuttireltensive selection of spares, including excellent chassis. Delivery paid, Smith. 286, Sarldleivorth Greetland. Halifax. 12534 LOTUS MARK VI 1,100-e.c. Ford, bill intstitleaBons; also included spare Ford o.h,v. engine (requires some repair) for .3111t car. (:ar .in perfect order and cendition. (425. Len Gibbs, Penn Hocks. Tel f Penn 2115.. 121)9g 14AGONDA RASPIER, 1.93516 9511-b.p. 11,100 c.c.) sports eOttpt,.. S.11.s, twin rade., preseireior, recently overhauled, vintage roadholding; 32 m.p.g., believed 00 Icert3inly 80 +1. 4200, o.n.o. Vincent Comet, 1950, also last. 4100. lios Nu. W643. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, (2643

FOR SALE—continued

ARMSTRONG-SIDDELEY, 1937/8, 17 -H.P. saloon, Of. occasionals. Recond. engine, steering, 2,000 miles ago. Good body. tyres. Otters, or exchange for Rolls 21.6, suitable for spares. type and Condition of body unimportant. Write Box Na. W875, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1 . i2875 DISMANTLING : 1929 18/80 M.G.; 1933 14/65 Talbot; 1938 S.S.I2. The Forge. Middleton,

Market Harborough, Leics. [2878 1935 M.G. 2-seater. Fitted Ford Ten engine. New hood, sulescreens, battery. Excellent condition. 4175. 20, Marston Gardens, Luton, Beds. [2879 LANCIA APRILIA, 1939, pillarless saloon. Firstclass original condition. Performance to maker’s specification. Engine, transmission, gearbox, suspension, well maintained in excellent order. Body, trim. paint, chromium, very good: No rust. Tyres excellent. A bona fide car in well above average condition deserving of an appreciative owner. Seen Birniinghain. Very reasOnable il 4310. Box No. W880, MOTOR fil•oitr, 15, City Road, E.C.1. 1.28so M.G. M. Sound condition throughout. March) heads. 480, o.n.o. Daniel, 40, licilne Chase, Morden, Surrey. Tel.: MIT 4482. [2381 1928 TALBOT 14/45 saloon, 42,000 miles. (Site previous owner. Completely rebuilt/repainted by enthusiast to concours condition. {75. Churton, ” Lynwood,” Hooton, Cheshire. Tel.: Willaston 3268. [2882 RILEY NINE and Twelve spares. Two 3-brush dynamos; one 2-brush dynamo; two regulators; one gearbox. 78, Salford Road, Streatham Hill, S.W.2. ‘2683

TRIUMPH 1936 chassis, good Climax 10.0-114). engine; ho. wheels, instruments, toto-shockers; tyres, carb. ropey. Tow away. Ideal special or would break. Mid. R. Browne, Drake; R.N.C.. Dartmouth. 12884 RILEY LYNX 11, ’36. Recently resprayed, hood fitted. All screens intact. Very smart car. Well shod. 4200, o.n.o. Meredith, 84, Fellows Road,

N.W.3. Tel.: PR! 8594. (2885 1938 FORD EIGHT saloon, complete less body. 445. A. J. Apps, Rose Villa, Goudhurst, Kent, 2886 AUSTIN NIPPY, 1935, fitted its, and Girling front brakes; 5 by 15 tyres on new wheels rear, new 4 by 17 tyres front. Many new parts in engine, gearbox and suspension recently; I-gall. sump, cr. box. Sound hood and screens. Must sell. {145, offers. 37, Ringstead Road, Sutton, Surrey. Tel.: V1G 5669.

TALBOT 105 sports. Very good condition throm4h out, Five new tyres, two new batteries. 413:..

Harris. 132, Derbyshire Lane,. Stretford. ‘lei , Longford (Manchester) 1020, 6.30.7 p.m.

RILEY KESTREL, 1935, 14-h.p.. good condition, 41 10. Fiat, 1028, 8.11.p. tourer, 36 mpg. Continental tour 1955; original; spares; offers. 2-1.1. Sainsbury, 39 Base Workshop, R F. M. Bicester. 2-LITRE LAGONDA, 1931, lose-chassis open 4-seater; 8,000 miles since 4120 engine overhaul. Excellent mechanical condition; betty, etc., sound. Present owner 12 years. 4165 or offer. Full details sent. Box No. W6f10. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [2890 1938 VITESSE. High -compression engine. Excel. lent all-round conditiOn. Fast, economical. 4150 60„Albert Drive, SAV.19. Tel.: Putney 9064. r.2891 M.G. TA Tickford. 4270._ Worrell. Officers’ Mess, R.A.F., Syerston

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