ALM FIREFLY snloon. 1933. good mechanically. first-class tyres, rough body. £50. AOTIN SEVEN SWALLOW saloon, 1929.

bet recently rebuilt. retrimmed and repainted profeaaionall y. 055.

BENTLEY 3-LITRE RED LABEL abort. chassisC.ailogan open sports 4-seater, mechanically sellnd. general coachwork, ete., above average. £193.

BENTLEY 41-LITRE sports saloon. the last 41 built. very fully deaeribed in December advertisement. £350.

BUGATTI TYPE 46 suloon by Twigg, partially dismantled but complete. e55. FIAT TYPE 519. 27-b.p. 1925, short-chassis sports 4-seater. It.W. wheela, impressive car with an exeelleut performance. LOS. HUMBER 16/50 4-centre tourer, 1929-30, in very fair all-round order. near-new hood and tyres. e6,4..

ILE. 2-LITRE SIX, 2/4-seater Corsica sports body. An attractive and rinuatial car in wound order. £90.

LACONDA V12 sports saloon; registered 1945; complete engine overhaul by Davies Motors in July. 1953. A very immaculate and genuine car, at the very low figure of £465.

MORRIS-COWLEY •’ boll-nose ” 2-seiliec. 1924, but tw.b. axle fitted; no 100 per reel. specimen this, but a sound and roadworthy little car. £60.

RILEY NINE, 1937, sports liaison, 67% series; excellent mechanically and very fair bodywork. £145.

RILEY NINE MONACO saloon, 1934, manual gearbox, mechanically sound and very fair bodywork. £65.

ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25, 1932. CKT series. full me-dance-cabriolet by Barker. Extremely nice chassis and very tidy coachwork. £230. ROLLS-ROYCE TWENTY, 1927, Park Ward small limousine; leather throughout, very nice paintwork. Rolls-Royce ti-ansportatioo at moderate cost. £125.

ROLLS-ROYCE TWENTY, 1928, 4-light owner-driver fabric saloon by Freestone & Webb; heir fabrie, nice interior, extremely nice mechanical order. Believed only orie owner until 1953. £175.

ROLLS-ROYCE TWENTY, 1927, saloon with division by Cockaboot. Externally quite good. interior nittidy; engine needs new rings, but a sound runner with excellent tyres. 185.

ROLLS-ROYCE P.I Connaught limousine, quite good body, but nee& a decent repaint and new piston rings. £60.

5.5. JAGUAR 2/-LITRE eporte tourer, 1936; 9.1,-9. engine, good tyres, very fair body, poor hood. Only average media-Meal order, hut an attractive car at it bargain price, 195. ES. JAGUAR 21 saloon. 1936. roughish body but very fair chassis. £65.

TALBOT 110 sports saloon, 1937; extriunity good coachwork, mechanically not outstanding but very fair. 015. TAMPLIN oyelecar, 1921, vary well restored and in excellent order. No reasonable offer refused.

Edwardian Cars 1914 RENAULT 27.h.p. 6-eyliuder Hooper landaulette. in running order but needs much body restoration. £754 UNIDENTIFIED car. mainly Lsmoste and Batman proprietary components and de Dion engine, age anywhere between 1901 and 1908. partially dismantled but complete and in quite good order. with fair tyro’. lanips, eta., and a more or less complete and easily restored 2-crater body. LSO or near offer.

A complete MULLINER ■1-crater all-weather body for BLUE LABEL long-ehasein BENTLEY, fair condition, on a towable eliaesie (not Bentley). callers only. £15. ire Puri:halo. anti In*aranre

ran lie arrongril on any car. We are agenu for the Borgward Isabella 1,500.e.e. saloon, which, at its Inclusive price (inc. p.t.) of £1,210. is quite the most auraetier car of Ito type offered to (lie British

motoring public. We can offer considerable asaistanee in repair and replarement of vintage electrical and equipment of all types,

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