Servicing Equipment



The following two items were unavoidably left over from last month’s feature.


Manufacturers of the well-known additive, Redex also make various vacuum gauges for testing the efficiency of the engine. These are naturally intended for use with Redex and a Do-it-Yourself tuning kit is made, costing £4,15s., which comprises a vacuum gauge, a gallon can of Redex and various adaptors for connecting the gauge to the inlet manifold. An instruction manual shows how to fit and use the instrument. Although 100 per cent. accurate results cannot be expected, the gauge will certainly diagnose major faults in the engine, as we found when testing a car which we already knew had a burnt valve.

Other instruments made by Redex include the Lubrocharger and Robot vacuum gauge which are for dashboard fitting. The Lubrocharger delivers a controlled amount of Redex to the engine and the Robot vacuum gauge shows engine behaviour while the car is running. These are priced at £33,3s. and £2,3s., respectively.

An accurately graditated mileage test tank is another of the Redex products which is more useful to the garage trade, but enthusiasts who wish to discover the exact fuel consumption of their vehicles under certain conditions would find one very useful. It is priced at £6,6s.

Finally a new product called Centrex has been put on the market which is an excellent dirt and grease remover. It costs 2s. 2d. per tube.


Excellent Tools – Matador

For sixty years Matador tools have been of outstanding quality. Like new tyres, good tools are remarkably pleasant objects and Matador issue an extremely attractive catalogue listing, in great detail, tools of every conceivable kind. It is obtainable from Fry’s (London) Ltd.

One especially nice Matador tool set, eminently suitable as a gift for a keen car enthusiast, is No. 6160. which contains a set of double ended super-chrome Matador spanners, wheel nut wrench with tommy-bar, plug spanner, water-pump spanner, wooden-handled screwdriver, 3/4-lb. hammer, 6-in. pliers, a flat chrome-vanadium chisel, punch, and wire plug brush, all snugly housed in a lockable, square leather case, easy to carry and in the most cheerful colours. The catalogue also contains intimate details of tool kits, socket wrench sets and tool rolls of many kinds. If you require wrenches, pliers, body tools, box-spanners, drills, punches, chisels, open-ended spanners, feeler gauges, files, rules, hacksaws, vices, hammers, magnetic tools, padlocks, piercers, plug brushes, ring-spanners, scrapers, socket-sets, nippers, tyre levers, extractors, wheel-pullers or almost any other tool known to mechanics, this fine catalogue should fascinate. Drop a line to Fry’s (London) Ltd., Faraday Road, Manor Royal, Crawley, Sussex, mentioning Motor Sport.