Police State?



Readers have asked us to comment on a remarkable case that came before the Bridgend magistrates some time ago. According to local Press reports a policeman in a mobile patrol car was charged with driving without due care and attention and without reasonable consideration, after having driven within inches of the off-side of another car, the indicators of which were signalling a right-turn. The driver of this car gave evidence that he had to stop sharply to avoid a collision. A witness following behind in a van saw the incident and gave corroborative evidence.

When a complaint was received the driver of the police patrol car was questioned but he declined to make a statement. In Court it was claimed that there was no evidence to show who was driving the patrol car and the patrol officer was acquitted. How different when the police prosecute It civilian motorist on evidence of a third-party, very often over an incident of which the motorist has no knowledge and in some cases where he is not notified until some days later! How many of these cases result in an acquittal because the convicted driver declines to make a statement?