Offord versus De Gaulle

The Kensington firm of Offord and Sons Limited has resigned its agency for Renault cars “in view of the antagonistic and anti-British remarks made by President de Gaulle.”

In a letter addressed to President de Gaulle, the chairman of Offords, Mr. John Enstone, said: “We very much regret having to make this decision especially after the long association between our two countries, but find that it is impossible to reconcile our views and your undoubted antagonism towards Britain.”

Offord and Sons Limited is more than 170 years old; it was originally a coach-building firm, but is now a car retail organisation backed by service and repair facilities. If such views as those held by Offord and Sons Ltd. are widespread, sales in this country of Renault, Peugeot, Panhard and Simca cars could drop appreciably; a pity, because in the past France has been a good market for British vehicles. Indeed, she took 33,329 last year.