An original-condition Lea-Francis

With reference to your article about the 1962 V.S.C.C. Silverstone Driving Tests.

I would like, without in any way intending or wishing to be offensive, to correct the impression given by your remark about my car, a 1928 Lea-Francis. My only reason for writing is that so many of my friends have pointed out to me that the impression conveyed to them is that “W. B.” thinks that my car should not have a “Hyper” radiator and the second inference they drew from the remark is that he thinks it is a “botched” car.

Just to clear the record, I would point out that this is a Hyper 4-seater touring car and thus has always had a Hyper “Sloper” radiator. The difference between the 4-seater tourer and 2-seater ‘sports was: (a) Supercharger—tourer No. 8 Cozette, sports No. 9; (b) Bearings—tourer had plain bearings throughout, sports had rollers and a different crankshaft but only approx. ’27 sports did have rollers. (c) Needless to say—body.

I have re-fabriced my car and I know that the spare wheel is in the wrong position—at the back instead of the side, but this will be rectified as soon as I get the correct mounting.

E. C. S. Macpherson.

[I well recall the 4-seater Hyper Lea-Francis and when I remarked on Mr. Macpherson’s car having a Hyper radiator I implied no disrespect; I intended merely to underline the rarity of this model. I am delighted to learn just how original it is.—Ed.]