Cars of the stars

In conjunction with the film “Fast Lady” the Regent Oil Co. held a 2-hour road-safety rally starting and finishing at Denham Studios on February 3rd. The prizes were presented by Graham Hill and the extra event seems to have been publicity personified. There is some interest in knowing what sort of cars the famous choose, so we append the entry list:—

Ken and Mrs. Anandin (Jaguar 3.4)
Leslie Phillips and Stanley Baxter (Red Label Bentley)
Tony Brittain and Walter Hatching (Mini-Cooper)
Michael Carreras and Dan Lewis (Maserati 3500)
Peter and Mrs. Cavanagh (Morris Mini-Cooper)
Rupert Davies and T. C. Jackson (Rolls-Royce)
Samantha Eggar and Penelope Copley-Smith (MG-A. 1600)
John Gregson and Mrs. J. Gregson (Jaguar 3.8)
Anthony Edwards and Susan Hampshire (Jaguar)
David Lodge and Lyn Garcia (Sunbeam Rapier)
Terence Langdon and Sally Shuter (Sunbeam Alpine)
Janet Munro and Ian Hendry (Fiat 1500)
Paul Massey and Dr. Peggy Miller (Sunbeam Rapier)
Roger Moon and Louisa Mattioli (Volvo P.1800)
Norrie Pattimore and Mrs. Pattimore (Jaguar E-type)
Donald Sinden and George Cooper (Mini-Minor)
John Fraser and Lucy Bartlett (Aston Martin DB2)
Terence Barber and John Hirst (Volkswagen 1200)
J. Carson and Geo. Watts (Sunbeam Talbot 90)
Peter and Mrs. P. Haigh (Riley 4/68)
Bill and Mrs. B. Macquitty (Hillman Husky)
Jock McGregor and C. Gardner (Austin A55)
Fred Newman and T. Longdon (M.G. Magnette)
Chas. Tingwell & David Butler (Ford Consul)
Naylor Jones and Margaret Breen (Triumph TR4)
Brian and Nanette Forbes (Bentley)
Alan Stratford John (Ford Zephyr)