Driving the D.K.W. F12

An opportunity was recently afforded us to drive the new D.K.W. F12 model. We should have driven the car at Silverstone but owing to the fact that the circuit is still covered with several feet of snow we had to make do with a short run on roads near London Airport. Two cars were available, both left-hand drive, and on initial inspection it soon became obvious that the car is aimed at a rather different market than the Junior which competes with such cars as VW 1200, N.S.U. Prinz and B.M.W. 700 and this was confirmed by Auto-Union engineers who expect the F12 to compete with the Ford Taunus 12M and Opel Kadett.

On the road the F12 still remains very much a D.K.W., accelerating quite rapidly with a mild purr, braking extremely well with its new front wheel disc brakes, riding more comfortably than the Junior due to its longer wheelbase and having a greater air of quality about it which may well, for some people, make it worth the rather high price of £897 15s. asked for it in Britain. We look forward to much longer acqaintance with this car. — M. L. T.