Good service

Reading so often in your journal of the difficulties and delays which your readers suffer in attempting to obtain from car manufacturers replacement parts and information I must, after expressing my sympathy with them, delight in my own good fortune. During the last few months I have done a major engine overhaul on my twelve-year-old A.C. and as expected I had to make a number of requests for small replacement parts to the manufacturers. In every case the required parts have been despatched to me by post on the day on which A.C. Cars received my request. Later I wrote to them requesting both a quotation for a replacement part and some technical information. By return I received the quotation from the Spares Department together with a polite note Informing me that the Service Manager would write to me regarding my query. One day later I had a letter enclosing a perfectly satisfactory reply. Facts speak for themselves; I need make no complimentary comments. For those who are able, it pays to choose a car from a manufacturer who cares!

Bernard Butterworth.