An Unreliable Maserati




I feel I must comment on your report on the Long John Trophy race at the Brands Hatch Boxing Day meeting.

On the opening lap, Bob Savage (not Salvage) in his A-type Connaught spun in front of me at the exit of Clearways, and I collided with his spinning car. The impact shot me across the road on to the grass verge; I stalled and was unable to restart. Surely any competent reporter would have been aware of this incident, which took place in full view of half the spectators on the circuit.

As you see fit to make reference to my number of non-starts with the 2.9 Maserati (I fail to see the connection of this with the report on the Brands Hatch meeting), I would like to acquaint you with a few facts in the hope that you will cease your niggling comments on my association with this very famous historic racing car.

I non-started six times in the Maserati. On four occasions due to breakages in practice, and on the other two, due to parts which were being machined and were not ready in time. When I bought the car from Nobby Spero in 1961, all hope of it ever running again had been abandoned, and it had been lying idle, with its engine dismantled, since 1959. We managed to get the car going again and, I think, gave it a new lease of life. (Which we all hope will continue in Lord Doune’s hands. – ED)

I hope you will find space in your next issue to print an accurate account of the incident at Brands Hatch.


London, W.8.

(I fail to see Mr. Margulies’ point referring to the accuracy of our Brands Hatch report – unless he is being pedantic over a mis-spelt name! The fact was he did retire early even if the lack of space allocated to the report did not leave room to give the reason, and the reference to his non-starts and retirements was purely to emphasise the run of bad luck experienced by this enthusiast. – E.L.W.)