"The cars of Betty Haig"




I was very interested in the comment regarding the tendency of Betty Haig’s S.S.100 “to go straight-on on wet corners.” My M.G. TA is also fitted with twin spare wheels, and I have had a couple of similar “moments” with this car. Would this seemingly slight increase in tail-end weight be enough to cause aquaplaning on the front wheels, even though the tyres are all good?

C.J. Brown – Liverpool.



The article regarding the cars of Betty Haig was most interesting, but I was surprised to hear that the steering boxes of the TC M.G. had such a short life. My 1938 TA-type M.G., which I purchased new in June 1938, still has its original Bishop cam steering box, gearbox and back axle. The engine has just had its second major overhaul, the total mileage to date being 155,000.

Donald Brown – East Cowes, I.o.W.