Letter from a twin-cylinder Jowett

My 1927 twin-cylinder Jowett has often suspected that you had a soft spot for both its genus and its species, and now feels very honoured to have its picture shown in—I am sure I can safely say this now—the Rolls-Royce of motoring magazines; it thanks you for your compliments, and agrees that to be a true vintage light car it should not have any more cylinders.

Apropos your remarks concerning a 1933 Sunbeam at the S.T.D. Sandhurst Rally, my Jowett can confirm that at least one Delco ignition coil survives in working order, for part of its standard equipment is such a device, of the type with internal plate condenser and external resistance, and as the date stamped on the back is 3/27 it is probably original. Unlike some of these new-fangled transistorised contrivances it has never given me a moment’s trouble.

Finchley. Peter Lillies
[I gave a 1924 Jowett away in despair during the war and was puzzled for weeks because my 8-11.p. Talbot-Darracq kept stopping, due to these Delco coils giving out (but only when hot!).. Yet the coil of this kind on my wife’s 1927 Sunbeam Sixteen, used in recent years, gave no trouble.—Ed.)