The Carson Special

MayI be afforded the hospitality of your columns to add to the observations of Geoffrey Samson, about the Carson Special ?

That the car illustrated is in fact the original Carson Special is news to me. Whilst thanking Geoffrey for his kind remarks about the present state of the car, I would like to make it clear that I have always thought the car I have is a sort of replica of the Carson Special.

When I got it from Tim it was clearly understood that it was still incomplete, and virtually untried. In 1955, it looked much as it does now. The “bidons” were really about the best that could be done just after the war, as those who were lucky enough to be able to restart rebuilding cars in those difficult days will remember. Two spare wheels used to inhabit the space now occupied by the petrol tank, which was specially made, using an Invicta filler cap.

The car is described as 1922/28 because that is basically correct; there are some 1920 bits, and some of later date. I am keeping quiet about these, of course ! I was taken to task about stating 1928, as there were no 30/98s after 1927. As the want of a major component such as a front axle would be severely felt a 1928 Delage one is provided. A really good idea of Tim’s as it enables the car to stop, the inability to do which is a regrettable feature of some 30/98s.

I would not like to leave this subject without expressing the hope that Tim feels that what he began has been well completed. Finally, it is worth remembering that without the help of other members of the V.S.C.C. (don’t forget the driver), this particular Special would not even be running, let alone qualifying for its picture in Motor Sport.

Caterham. Jack Wilson.
[This correspondence is now closed.—Ed.]